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Chapter 7 A Quiet Moment

  • “Relax your body back to me.” He pulled my hips back out, so I was nearly bent across the surface of that dresser. “Now stay.”
  • Though it was a command, he said it softly. Coaxing more than ordering.
  • He pressed in and out of me and something changed. The pain began to settle. The strange fullness became something I expected as I tipped forward. My body jerking as he fully entered. Piercing into what felt like it was my very center. As if the tip of him might emerge from my belly. Then withdrawing. The motion became more of a smooth gliding and my body was tensing. Spasming and gripping at him as he moved.
  • He growled. A low rumble in his throat. Leaning over my back. “You feel like the finest softness.”
  • “Ahh.” I shuddered as he set himself nearly into my womb again before withdrawing. My thighs were tightening my backside flexing as suddenly there was a huge wave of tension that poured through me. Sending every one of my muscles into convulsions. Making me jerk and cry out at the sheer confusion and pleasure of it. Slicking over his length until he was so smooth that I only felt the straining pressure of him inside me.
  • “It’s an amazing thing, isn’t it? How a man can fit so perfectly within a woman?”
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