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The Dark Prince's Pet

The Dark Prince's Pet


Last update: 1970-01-01

Chapter 1 TEASER

  • I jerked away from him to walk a step ahead. Scanning the crowd for a source of help or a direction off this marbled floor.
  • He used the leverage of the chain binding my wrist to give it slack before yanking backward to send me sprawling against him. Looking like I’d just twirled to dance with him.
  • “Won’t she be disappointed.” I said under my breath.
  • “Why?”
  • “To find out I’m your prisoner.”
  • “I haven’t called you that.”
  • “You called me captive.” I pointed out.
  • “But not prisoner.”
  • “I see little difference.”
  • “There is much. If you were my prisoner, you’d already be in my dungeon.”
  • “I’d prefer to be there.” I hissed.
  • “I’d prefer you there. With nowhere to go but straight to me.” His blue eyes silvered with interest, and I realized that my mouth was quickly getting ahead of me.
  • If I’m not careful I’m going to land my fool ass in his dungeon.
  • “I’d never beg you to let me out, if that’s what you’re hoping.”
  • A dimple appeared at the corner of his mouth as he swayed sideways in step with me. Looking over my head at the crowd. As if he saw no point to making eye contact with me.
  • “Of course not. A woman like you would never do that. You’ll offer me your body long before your mouth will beg me for anything.”
  • “I’d never do that.” I said in disgust.
  • He looked down at me then. “Never tell me never. I’m very persuasive. You never know what I may have you doing next.”