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Chapter 8: Cruel Fate

  • Mink’s P.O.V
  • I watched four men approach us from the other end of the desert. Each one was wearing the traditional Rajasthani dhoti-kurta along with the multicolored turbans. One hundred years later and the world hasn’t changed all that much from since I was a child. Shifters are still a male dominated species, not much different from the patriarchal society that humans live in.
  • I often wonder what it was that made men so special that they thought they could rule every aspect of everyone’s lives. Be it humans or shifters, women were always looked down upon. I could understand the theory behind this discrimination with humans, but shifters? Shifters were strong and that strength didn’t discriminate between male or female. The highest I’ve ever seen a female shifter rise in rank was a beta in a deer shifter pack, which was pretty unconventional considering that most of the deer packs comprise of females with one big horned male. That was why I didn’t like the idea of a pack. I didn’t want to be confided by the rules of a pack and I would never bow down to another man for the rest of my life.
  • Unfortunately, the term used for such packless, mateless wolves such as me and Ruksaar was Rouges. Not a pretty term considering that rogues were usually violent in their temperament and their only aim was to wreck havoc in the world, but that’s how the saying goes. However, I prefer the term lone wolf.
  • “State your purpose of being here, rogue!” A tall man in his late twenties spat out, like he had swallowed something distasteful.
  • I raised my eyebrows at him. “I’m under no such obligation.”
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