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Chapter 12: Follow thy Heart

  • Mikalya’s P.O.V
  • “My name is Kashmira Shaw and I’m from the DawnFrost pack in Jammu.”
  • It was later in the afternoon, after we had returned to our hotel room with Kashmira and her son and had had our lunch that Kashmira finally decided to tell us about herself. We were sitting on our bed in a circle and sipping on some karak chai (strong tea) as she breastfed her baby, whose name we learned was Kushal.
  • She had gotten rid of the clothes she was wearing earlier, since they were torn and dirty, and now she had one of Ruksaar’s ghagras on and her face was uncovered. Now that I could look at her, I could tell that she was very young. She had dark brown eyes with a slight tilt to the corners and midnight black hair that reached her waist. Her son however, had dark brown eyes similar to his mother but his hair was a lighter brown in color.
  • “I was born and raised in that pack itself and I found out that my mate was the new Alpha of the pack. We were mated within a few days after we found out we were mates.”
  • “You don’t sound particularly thrilled about it.” I told her after listening to the disappointment in her voice.
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