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Chapter 5 In My Office

  • Rodri's POV
  • I was mad because she was turning me the fuck on when I knew better than to have sex in my place of work. But when she slowly reached behind her, and I heard the sharp sound of her zip coming undone, I gulped in what seemed like a cup of saliva to me.
  • She was really serious about fucking right here, right now.
  • I licked my bottom lip softly, watching as she pulled off her dress till it dropped to the floor around her bare feet. She was not wearing a bra, or even panties, so every inch of her naked skin was exposed the moment she removed her clothes.
  • Slowly, Trinity started walking toward me naked.
  • My cock throbbed with hot need inside my pants. I slowly straightened up, getting up from my seat to my full height. Her eyes filled with delight when she saw that I was responding to her.
  • She had already gotten me aroused. Spending the rest of the day with an uncomfortable erection was not what I wanted, so I would use her to get rid of it. After all that was what she fucking wanted.
  • “Why aren’t you wearing anything underneath?” I asked her calmly. I could feel all my senses leave as I stared down at her naked body. At every soft bounce of her breasts.
  • She only batted her eyelashes at me, in response to my heated question.
  • I grabbed open the first drawer on my table and picked a condom from it. She bit her lip as she watched me unbuckle my belt and shove my trousers down. Reaching into my boxers, I pulled out my raging hard cock, stroking it slowly.
  • She sucked in a shaky breath at the sight, a blush coloring her cheeks.
  • I grabbed her arm roughly and she squealed. I bent her over the table, making both of her hands slap onto the wooden surface from the force. I tore the foil off the condom and rolled it down the length of my member.
  • She peeked back at me, over her shoulder, arching her hips. “Why are you using a condom, again?” She asked me breathily, sounding disappointed.
  • I smiled inwardly, running a hand up her naked back to push her flat tummy against the table. “Better to be safe, don’t you think so?”
  • Trinity grumbled something incoherent, but that just confirmed my guess on the reason she was there, anyway.
  • This cunning little minx must have heard the news going around about how my old man wanted me to give him a grandchild soon, whether or not I got married.
  • She thought she would have a chance to carry my baby. Fucking her made her think she had special access to my life.
  • But she did not.
  • And I definitely would not want somebody like her to breed my child. The thought of her thinking she had a chance annoyed me, so I grabbed her long bronze hair in a punishing grip and shot my cock through her sex walls in one powerful strike.
  • She gasped super loud, grabbing the table’s edge tight. I didn’t want her to enjoy this since I knew her motive for coming here. She just wanted to get pregnant. And it was pissing me off.
  • I pulled out of her, my cock dripping with her moisture, and I slammed back in, using her hair as a leash to pull her head back.
  • “Ah! Rodri!” she screamed my name. Her thighs quivered and I let out a devilish smile. I wanted it to be just pain and no pleasure. It was a pleasure for me, but I didn’t want it to be the same for her.
  • I shoved my hand under her breasts, pinching at her nipples hard. Inflicting as much pain as possible on her gave me pleasure. I pounded into her from behind with my hands clenched around the soft skin of her waist to keep her in place.
  • “This is what you wanted, isn’t it?” I panted and she nodded eagerly, screaming,
  • “Yes! Yes! Yes!” With each hard thrust.
  • She was absolutely loving the pain. I had damn near forgotten that she loved it when I was being rough and punishing on her. It fucking gave her the most pleasure.
  • I spanked her ass hard and rolled my cock deep into her, feeling her sex walls clench hard around it greedily.
  • This would be the first and last time I fuck her right in my office, but for now, I was going to thoroughly enjoy her pussy she offered me.
  • She moaned, digging her short nails against the table as my thrusts rocked her against its surface. I quickened my pace, slap sounds erupting from my balls hitting her wet pussy lips.
  • “Ahh!” she screamed in pleasure and I was grateful my office was soundproof. I wouldn’t want her moans getting outside where people would know what was going on in here. She tightened around me just as my cock started to twitch from my incoming release.
  • I pressed her hips closer against me as my hips slapped her ass the faster I thrust. With a loud scream, Trinity reached orgasm. Her pussy walls massaged my cock, and that was enough to have me erupt hot semen into the condom.
  • I pulled out of her, giving her reddened ass one last slap. She dragged herself off the table and turned to look at me with a satisfied smile on her face while trying to catch her breath.
  • My voice remained frosty. “This will not happen again. I don’t want to see you in my office from now on.” I grabbed her clothes and threw them at her. ‘’Put your clothes on and get out of my office. It is not possible to own my heart, so stop expecting it. Got it?”
  • Her smile faded off, and she nodded slowly, eyes dimming.
  • Without sparing her another glance, I picked up my trousers and my belt, heading to the bathroom with the soiled condom in my hand.