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Chapter 3 With A Stranger

  • Vanessa's POV
  • I slowly looked up at him, with a drunk and nervous smile. “Look, I drink here regularly. Can you just note down how much I owe you and I’ll come pay later-”
  • “What?” The bar man roared, slamming his heavy fists on the counter. I flinched, nearly falling to the floor from the brute force. “You fucking bitch, after all those many shots, you have fucking nothing to pay with?”
  • He slammed his cleaning towel on the counter and started to move towards me threateningly, “If you can’t pay in cash, make your body useful!”
  • My legs were too heavy to even move, and the alcohol was making my eyes spin. So I could not even get away as the bar man stormed towards me. Shit. I should have brought Estelle. She knew how to get out of dangerous situations like this.
  • The bar man’s meaty hand reached out to grab me as he growled, “Bitches like you should not be in the fucking club if you’re broke!”
  • But another strong hand grabbed waist and pulled me back before the bar man touched me. With a gasp, I staggered backwards and felt my ass land on the strong thighs of the gorgeous man on my stool. His hand was around me, touching me in ways that were too intimate.
  • My eyes widened.
  • “I’ll pay for her.” The gorgeous man said to the bar man, and my entire body seemed to melt from his voice. It was deep, masculine and held the power of a man who was used to leading and having his way. It was definitely the alcohol driving me crazy, and I shot him a shy smile, whispering, “Thanks for saving me.”
  • Then I winked.
  • He blinked at me blankly, before he smirked. “You are so fucking drunk. It would have been fucking easy for any man here to fuck you senseless.”
  • Hearing him talk dirty sent my mind into a spiral, and a powerful lust hit me out of nowhere. I stared at him with a growing blush, while he stared me down with those penetrating hazel eyes. He looked so damn good. He had to be fucking rich if he could risk wearing expensive an Rolex wristwatch to the club.
  • He grabbed his alcohol and chugged it down. Watching him drink made me moist between my legs, and it was not helping that I was sitting on his thighs. Staring at his glistening wet mouth, I said. “I want another drink.”
  • “You are drunk enough.” He pinned me down with a stare.
  • “So are you.” I retorted drunkenly.
  • “I can handle myself. You obviously can’t.” He pointed out ruthlessly. Then his eyes raked down my body in a plain dress and my messy hair. “You don’t look dressed for the club. What the fuck is your deal? Looks like you ran away from home, or something.”
  • My drunk mind automatically interpreted that as him calling me ugly, so of course, with a lot of liquid courage, I over reacted.
  • “That’s none of your fucking business.” I said in his face. “Besides, you are the one who can’t handle himself. That boner feels like you are dying to fuck someone.” I smirked, shifting my ass slightly so it pressed against the rock hard bulge I had been feeling ever since I sat on him.
  • His eyes darkened when my ass rubbed his erection, and I smirked at him, sliding off his thighs without falling off, thankfully. I grabbed my bag and made to stagger away, but he spoke up. “Run as fast as you can. Because when I catch you, you’ll be that someone I fuck.”
  • I glanced at him with wide eyes, and a thrill in my belly. His eyes held a warning, and that handsome face held an express that showed he was unbelievably aroused. If I was not so drunk, I would have known that was dangerous.
  • But I didn’t. I moved deeper into the club, and by the time I reached the stairs, male hands grabbed me and trapped me against the wall. My breaths escaped in pants, as my eyes locked with heated hazel ones.
  • “Caught you.” He said in a low, threatening tone.
  • My thighs tightened against each other, as if I was trying to hold in the rush of arousal rippling through me like I have never experienced before. He leaned in closer, so his towering, hard built body trapped me further. “And now, I fuck you.”
  • Sober me would be freaking out, kicking and screaming at being in such close proximity with a man. But drunk me, just wanted this gorgeous man balls deep inside me. Fucking me senseless till I forgot who I fucking was. He swooped down and captured my mouth with his, kissing me so deep and rough that I moaned instantly, grabbing his shirt so my staggering legs don’t collapse.
  • His tongue glided in my mouth, and I could taste the alcohol he had chugged down. Tequila flavored my mouth, and he seemed to enjoy it. I was fucking spinning, high from hard alcohol, lust with this handsome devil, that I had no idea when I landed in a bed with my clothes torn off.
  • Something hard, thick and blazing hot impaled me, between my thighs, and I let out a loud scream, digging my fingernails into his muscled back. His large hand grabbed my thigh up as he began to fuck me so hard, deep and fast that my screams were non stop. There was a stinging pain at first, and the sensation of being ripped open, but the alcohol drowned it out.
  • All I could focus on was the immense pleasure his thrusts brought me. My screams seemed to drive him crazy, because he let out a sexy, deep curse and drilled harder into me, chasing his release. It felt so good, something seemed to snap in my brain. And I shuddered, letting out a drawn out scream as I released violently, squirting creamy juices over his cock.
  • I blacked out.