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Chapter 9 Misfortunes

  • Emery's POV:
  • I paced around impatiently lost in thought while my best friend and personal servant Maria watched me in confusion.
  • "Is anything the matter, Emery?" She broke the silence, and I turned to her with a disturbed look. I was trying to wrap my head around whom that slave I just saw was.
  • "Have you seen her before?" I gulped hard. She stared at me with narrowed eyebrows.
  • "Who are you talking about?" She finally spoke up after staring at me for some minutes. I sat heavily on my bouncing bed.
  • "What kind of question is that? I'm talking about the new slave, why does she look like a princess instead of a slave?" I bit my lower lips with worry written all over my face. Don't know why I'm worried, but something in me keeps making me feel uncomfortable about her.
  • "She's the new slave that was brought into the castle few days ago. I heard her stepfather paid off his debt to the Master with her." Maria said, and I exhaled deeply with a shrug.
  • "I don't know, but I see her as a threat." I mumbled not knowing that Maria actually heard me clearly.
  • "Threat? Why would you see her as one? She's just a new slave who is still in anguish to know that she ended up in such a place." Maria scoffed while I rolled my eyes.
  • "Did you not see how she stood on the way like she was challenging me? Or didn't you see that she was putting on a sandal instead of barefoot? I have a feeling that girl is going to become a big problem for me." I replied worriedly.
  • Maria burst into laughter, and I watched her with arched eyebrows.
  • "Do you think this is funny? I don't understand you Maria. This is not a laughing matter, I can't afford to lose my position as the Master's favorite. Among all the slaves, I'm the Master's favorite and the only one who can satisfy his sexual urge, but what if this girl gets into the picture, and steal the master from me?" I groaned in annoyance.
  • "That is impossible. I can assure you that you'll forever remain his favorite as long as you know how best to handle him." Maria assured me, and smiles escaped my lips. I've always been treated like a queen instead of a slave because I'm the Master's favorite s*x slave. I can't let anyone take that away from me.
  • Furthermore, I was still conversing with Maria when I heard a faint knock on my door. Well, unlike the other slaves, I don't work in the fields or cowsheds.
  • "Come in." Maria replied sharply, and the door was immediately thrown open. It was Rodolfo, the Alpha Stone's bodyguard.
  • "What do you want?" I asked him immediately, and he forced a smile at me.
  • "The Master wants to see you." Rodolfo said, and I gulped hard with smiles all over my face.
  • Obviously, he can't get satisfied without me being the one with him. I smirked at Maria who waved at me gesturing me to go with Rodolfo.
  • I stood up, and walked out with Rodolfo.
  • Madison's POV:
  • I managed to get my face out of the heap on cow dung in the wheelbarrow. The other slaves roared in laughter while Mateo smirked mischievously.
  • Tears circulated in my eyes, and I tried to blink them back because I can't afford to show them how weak I am despite the fact that I find it really hard. Tears rushed down my face, and I stared at him with disdain.
  • Why am I already being maltreated on my first day working in the field?
  • "Why are you staring at me like that? Do you have a death wish?" He yelled at me, and I gulped nervously before shaking my head negatively.
  • "I'm sorry Sir." I mumbled even though I felt like slapping his face out of his head.
  • "Good! Follow me." He ordered, and I followed him with my stained face. I don't need to be told that I actually stink from cow dung. We walked for a long time while the slaves continued making mockery of me. We got to a secluded cowshed, and I followed him into it.
  • "Here, you have to do this all by yourself. No one is allowed to help you out. You have only three hours to clear all the cow dung in this cowshed. Do I make myself clear?" He yelled, and goosebumps ran down my spine with my eyes widened in shock.
  • "Do I... Do I have to work here alone with help? Who in heaven's name will be able to clear the cow dung in such a big cowshed alone in just three hours?" I couldn't stop myself from talking even though I tried not to say a word.
  • He raised his eyebrows giving me a deadly glare that brought cold shivers all over my body. I kept my mouth shut immediately because I didn't want to get myself into more trouble.
  • "What did you just say?" He raised his voice at me, and I shivered. Am I really going to be able to survive in this castle? Why do I keep getting misfortunes everywhere I go? When I thought I've seen it all, then here comes a lustful slave work Master. I can't possibly agree to be his s*x doll, and also be Stone's s*x slave.
  • "I'm... I'm sorry about that. I'll try my best to make sure that I do the work before three hours elapses." I replied, despite the fact that I don't see any possibility of doing what I just said. Furthermore, I looked at my soft and delicate palms shaking my head in sorrow.
  • Before I could say any word, he landed a dirty slap on my cheeks. Tears rushed down my face like it was a river running down a sloppy area.
  • "I'm the Master around here, and I say what should happen or not!" He shouted at me, and grabbed me by my neck. I choked helplessly, but there was no one there.
  • He grabbed my sack clothes, and tore them into shreds while I struggled in vain. Is he going to rape me? The pains I was feeling in between my thighs were still there, and now this.
  • Oh, God! Please save me.....
  • TBC....