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Chapter 8 The Slave and the field Master

  • Madison's POV:
  • I was still lying fast asleep not until I heard the metal bell ringing loudly. I held my head that was aching me so badly, now I know that I'm really a slave that can be used anyhow the Master wants.
  • Likewise, I made to get up from the bed, the pains in my thighs came back again. But this time, it has reduced than last night. I managed to get myself up from the bed, I have to go ahead and work in the field before I'll be beheaded for disobedience.
  • I took my bath, and had my hair packed to a ponytail. Even if the slave's dress is a sack cloth, I still looked ravishingly beautiful in them.
  • Walking down the hallway, thoughts filled my mind. Is this how am f****** going to live my life forever? I already know my way to the field because Lady Delia took me there the other day.
  • I walked past some guards, and slaves who were also rushing to the field to work. They were all barefooted, but I had an animal skin sandal on my feet. Should I put this off? I looked around, and saw a very beautiful lady. She wasn't wearing a sack dress like the other slaves, instead she was dressed in an elegant dress that looked like that of a Princess who lives in a castle.
  • "Who the hell is she?" I thought within myself.
  • She walked closer to me staring at me with hatred written all over face. As she came closer, the other slaves made way for her to walk along. I was too lost in my thoughts to leave the way. She got closer to me giving me a killer glare.
  • "How dare you stand on my way?" She spoke with gritted teeth. Her words smacked me out of my thoughts, and I quickly stepped aside.
  • "I'm... I'm sorry" I stuttered, and gulped nervously. She didn't take her eyes off me immediately. She stared at me for about three minutes before walking away. I exhaled deeply with my hand on my chest. What was the deadly glare for? I rushed down to the field where I met many other slaves working hard.
  • "Sir Mateo, please can I stop digging the cow dung? I already have blisters on my hand." A slave pleaded with the man in charge of the slaves who are working in the field, showing him her hands that was already blistered. I didn't know the slave digs out the cow dung in the cowsheds at the other end. Furthermore, I was lost in thought of how I will be able to survive in such a place.
  • "Hey new slave! What are you standing there for? Do you think you're a princess who came to supervise the other's work?" The fierce looking man gave out a sarcastic laugh.
  • I blinked my eyes rapidly, and walked down to meet him. Of course, the last thing I want is to get into trouble with them.
  • As I walked in, all eyes were on me because I looked exceptionally beautiful, or maybe because I'm still new. I don't have any spots on my body like they do.
  • "Yes... Yes sir" I stuttered as the man stared at me with lust written all over his face. Fear gripped me on seeing the lust. Is that how all of them behaves? Are they dogs instead of men?
  • He walked to me, and grabbed my soft hands fiercely. I winced in pains because his grip was too tight, and I felt like he was squeezing my hands so tight. Then, he whispered into my ears some words, but I didn't quite hear him, so I stared at him in confusion.
  • "You all should go back to work." He ordered, and the slaves went back to work like he told them to. Then he turned back to me lustfully scanning my body.
  • "You don't... You don't look like a slave." He licked his lips seductively. I gulped hard in nervousness. What is he up to? I scratched my head in fear and anxiety.
  • "Uhm... Please show me my work portion Sir. I was told I have to work hard in the field if I don't want to get punished." I managed to speak trying hard to avoid eye contact with him.
  • "If you agree to what I'm going to tell you, then I'll make sure you don't work like the other slaves." He winked at me, and I held my breath tight.
  • "What...what are you talking about, Sir?" I stuttered stepping backwards while he stepped forward. The slaves were all busy with their works with the stopwatch he hung at the other side to time their work.
  • "Look over there, can you see the lady sitting at the shade?" He smirked, and I saw a lady sitting at the shade with a cowboy hat chewing, and blowing gums.
  • "She's one of the persons who obeyed me and did everything I wanted. She doesn't work hard in the field or the cowsheds like the others. You won't work hard in the field too if you agree to be my whore." Mateo chuckled, and I narrowed my eyebrows. I can't even imagine myself staring at him. Did he just say I should be his whore? Is this all they think about? I managed to stop myself from slapping him hard across his face.
  • "I don't know what you're talking about. I'm a slave, and I should work like one." I gulped hard with a deadly glare.
  • He widened his eyes in surprise because I wasn't dancing to his tones like he thought I would.
  • "What? Are you speaking to me in that manner? Who do you think you are?" He yelled at me, and I flinched in fear. I couldn't bring myself to think I actually have to be his whore, and to be the Master's s*x slave as well.
  • "I don't want to do it." I managed to voice it out, and he groaned in annoyance. Grabbing me by my long hair he pushed me into the wheelbarrow filled with cow dung. I fell in with my face stuck on the cow dung......
  • TBC....