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The Alpha Prince's Redemption

The Alpha Prince's Redemption

Sunshine Princess

Last update: 1970-01-01

Chapter 1 Forced Marriage

  • Nalya
  • I was about to walk down the aisle, crying, and no one cared. My father gave me away to Arlon William, a man thirty years my senior.
  • "Compose yourself... You're embarrassing me!" my father hissed.
  • "Dad, please, please don't make me do this," I begged, gripping his suit. He growled at me and said; "You will marry this man to help the family,"
  • "I'll work hard to help you pay off the debts. I promise. Please don't force me to marry that man," I pleaded. He wasn't listening to me anymore. I saw Arlon William grimacing and annoyed by the holdup. He was known for his bad character. Arlon was a ruthless businessman, creditor, and self-proclaimed Alpha of rogues. Unfortunately for me, my stupid father borrowed money from him and couldn't pay it back, so it was his price. He always had eyes on me growing up.
  • My father dragged me to the aisle and threw me in Arlon's arms. His huge hands held my waist sensually. I almost threw up.
  • "We are gathered here to witness the union of..." I zoned out, crying loudly now. I felt sharp claws on my skin.
  • "You're fucking embarrassing me. Stop your wailing and answer the question!" Arlon growled in his wolf's voice. A whimper escaped my lips. I looked back to my father, wanting him to stop this. He only smiled to encourage me.
  • "Do I need to fucking hit you to obey?" Arlon groaned, annoyed.
  • "Y- yes," my voice quivered as I faced the officiator.
  • "With the power bestowed on me by the Alpha Rogue, I pronounce you man and wife. Sire, you may kiss the bride," He said, popping a bottle of champagne as the crowd cheered. Arlon planted a rough kiss on me. I struggled to get free of him.
  • "Damn, I'll need to teach you some manners," he sneered before turning to the crowd and raising a bottle one of his men brought.
  • The wedding was horrible, and I couldn't stop crying. Everyone present was dancing and celebrating.
  • My half-sister, Kaley, took me to Arlon's bedroom. She helped me get ready for the wedding night while scolding me.
  • "Listen, you ungrateful brat. It should be an honor to do this for our family. We are not only penniless rogues that everyone can step on, but we are now associated with the rogue Alpha himself! What more can you want? He's wealthy and handsome,"
  • "Then have him!" I sneered, pushing her from me.
  • "Well, he didn't choose me. He chose an unappreciative little swine like yourself,"
  • Her angry gaze roamed me with disgust. Kaley has always hated me because everyone called her the ugly sister, while I was the beautiful one with thick golden hair that shone in the sun, bright green eyes, and natural pink plum lips.
  • The door opened, and Arlon walked in. Kaley's breath hitched as she admired him.
  • "Is she ready?" he asked with a smirk. A cold shiver went down my body, and a whimper escaped my lips.
  • "Yes, Alpha," Kaley answered, going closer to the man, but he ignored her and grabbed my chin, tilting my head to make me look at him. He exhaled, making his buff chest rise and fall.
  • "Your beauty is unprecedented," he crouched down. His fingers went to my chest and caressed my body. I held my breath as he squeezed my nipples before throwing up all over him. A gasp escaped Kaley's lips, and before I knew it, a slap landed on my face, making me fall onto the bed. My vision darkened as I touched my stinging cheek.
  • "Why does she have to be so fucking difficult?" Arlon groaned.
  • "Clean up, and come back here!" Kaley ordered. With shaking legs, I rushed to the bathroom. I sat on the floor and threw up all the little food I had earlier in the toilet. I closed my eyes to catch my breath, but a bang on the door startled me.
  • I walked out to face Arlon and my sister; " I'm feeling unwell because I started my period," I lied to them.
  • "You're lying," Kaley sneered. Something in her eyes shone, and a smile tugged on the corner of her lips. She turned to Arlon and touched his arm sensually.
  • "Oh yes, It's mid-month," she sighed. I didn't question why she supported my lie, but I was grateful she did.
  • "Huh! I'm fucking going to kill your father," Arlon gritted his teeth.
  • "No, please!" Kaley and I exclaimed. He looked between us, and his gaze lingered on me. He raised his hand to touch my neck.
  • "Gosh, you're stunning," he whispered, entranced.
  • "T- the bleeding will stop in five days, and then you can have me," those words burned my lips as I uttered them. The thought of this brute fucking me shattered me.
  • "You're still a virgin, right?"
  • I nodded my head slowly.
  • "Good, Good," he smiled at me and then stared at my envious sister. I didn't know what she saw in him.
  • The following days were horrible. I feared Arlon and the vile things he made me do every night. I was pretending to sleep in bed when the door barged open.
  • I could smell the stench of alcohol.
  • " Nayla," he called. I didn't answer or move. He grabbed my hair and pulled me up.
  • "Didn't you hear me!" he roared.
  • "I... I didn't," I always seemed to stutter in his presence talking, and he hated that. It made him more vicious to me.
  • "On your knees," he ordered, and hesitantly I obeyed, not wanting to be beaten. He pulled down his pants. His hard erection was already pointing in my face.
  • "As I've been teaching you, go on, little girl,"