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Chapter 6 The Challenge

  • (Xander)
  • I laughed to myself as I recalled the way Rachael was mad at me for telling her to stay in my office and take my calls. I wasn’t worried about leaving her there since I had done it before and I could trust her despite our differences.
  • It wasn’t hard to get her to hate me, I could have told her yes about donating at her son’s school, but how would I win the bet if I acted soft with her?
  • My father had another thing coming if he thought that I was going to end up liking Rachael. I knew that the old man had a plan as to why I shouldn’t fire Rachael. It was easy to tell.
  • He wanted us to be together since he saw her as a daughter, a person who could be a part of our family. I hated that idea more than anything in the world.
  • Settling down was something that I had never thought about, I enjoyed the bachelor style I was living. I know that that sounded bad, but I can’t help it.
  • I liked being free, not being able to answer anyone as to where I was or who I was with. It was better this way.
  • But, despite these things, I can’t stop the way I felt about Rachael. I’ve tried my hardest to bury those feelings by being cold toward her, but I still felt that way no matter how much I tried to deny it.
  • Oh well, I could easily get more women and alcohol to get my mind off her. It works wonders when I do that.
  • Once I arrived at Burke’s Auto Parts, I made my way inside to check on my best friend Leon. He has been nagging me about meeting up with him since it’s been a while, and I’ve been busy.
  • Spotting him, I made my way over to where he was talking to one of his employees, and when he saw me, a huge grin made its presence known on his face.
  • “I knew you would come, excuse me, Gerald, you can continue with what you’re doing.” The man he was talking to nodded his head and walked away, leaving us there.
  • “So, what happened? Why are you bothering me so much about coming here?” I asked, not wanting to waste my time as much as he was my best friend who had a smirk on his face.
  • “Remember that bike you wanted me to repair for you?” He asked, and I nodded my head excitedly.
  • “Well, it’s done. You’re going to be shocked when you see it. Come with me.” Leon said, and I started to follow him.
  • He took me into a room where he had other important things he was working on and pointed at my bike. My mouth fell open at the difference in looks, from when I brought it here to now.
  • “Damn, you’re good,” I said, which had him agreeing with me.
  • “Did you know that a bike like this would have been sold for eleven million dollars if you put it up for sale? I narrowed my eyes at him since I was in disbelief. My mother had given me this bike when I was in my early twenties before she passed away. It got damaged to the point where I had to drag it here for Leon to fix it. I didn’t bother with asking her the price even though she told me the name, which is Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter.
  • “Up for a challenge?” I asked, which had Leon raising his eyebrow at me.
  • “I was thinking, since it’s as expensive as you say, why don’t you try to sell it? If you get the same price for it I’ll give you half.” Leon readily agreed with me since he could go for five and a half million dollars. Who would be able to refuse that amount of cash?
  • “When I sell this baby, we are going to the club to celebrate.” Leon stated, and I nodded my head.
  • “It doesn’t matter how long it takes for you to sell it. Just get it done. I’m heading back to my office since I left an angry kitten there. Hopefully, she doesn’t tear up my stuff.” I laughed and gave Leon a manly hug before leaving.
  • Dammit, at one point, I was riding that bike, not knowing the price for it. I must have been lucky not to get robbed if it was as expensive as Leon said. Hopefully, he’ll be able to sell it because he deserves half of that money for what he has done.
  • I’m now back at my company and heading for my office when Mrs. Abraham stopped me. If she tells me anything I don’t want to hear, I’m firing her.
  • “You’re just in time. You have a meeting with me and Mr. Bradshaw about the investment you made. His business is boosting a lot more than before, and now he wants to offer you more shares in it.” Ok, that sounds good.
  • “I bought twenty percent shares in that company. How much more does he want to offer me?” I asked, and she shrugged her shoulders.
  • “Beats me, but let’s get this over and done with. I’m hungry and tired as it is.” Could this day be going any better for me?
  • Rachael just has to wait a couple more minutes before I tell her to leave. Hopefully, she won’t be mad at me by the time I get back.
  • Making my way toward Mrs. Abraham's office, I couldn’t help but think of how far I have come. This company was getting more and more successful as each day passed by, I know that it had a lot to do with my name, seeing as how my father is one of the richest people here in Manhattan.
  • I have worked really hard too so that I could make a name for myself, and it was paying off. I’m glad too, at least things are working out in my favor so far.