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Chapter 3 Get Out Of Here

  • Joseline's heart jolted. “What is it?”
  • “It's about the Sorelle Group. I heard that... Mom and Dad left me some shares as well.” Angeline stared right into her eyes, flipping her hair lazily.
  • The instant Joseline heard the word “shares,” her expression changed.
  • Meanwhile, Angeline had been taking note of her every change in expression. She continued, “Or are you planning to pocket the assets they left me, Joseline?”
  • Her arrogant expression and the words spilling out of her mouth were tantamount to knives stabbing Joseline in the heart. The latter's expression flushed bright red with rage.
  • Slap!
  • A hard slap landed on Angeline's face.
  • Joseline was so livid that her face had contorted into a mask of fury. Following that slap, even her arm shook. At the same time, a distinct palm print swiftly manifested on Angeline's face.
  • The guests went into an uproar.
  • Some even furtively took out their phones and captured that scene.
  • Angeline's ears buzzed, and she tasted a hint of blood. Nonetheless, she was as calm as ever, her lips curving into a smile.
  • That was precisely the result she wanted.
  • “Why, you're mad because I spoke about my shares?” She lifted her face and continued antagonizing Joseline.
  • “How dare you!”
  • “Joseline!” Just as Joseline raised her hand to slap Angeline for a second time, Hanson, who hadn't spoken in a while, seized her wrist.
  • He was afraid that she would do something unbecoming again in front of the many people there.
  • Worried, he warned in a low voice, “It's Grandpa's birthday today, so it isn't the right time to kick up a fuss.”
  • His words had resentment blazing within Joseline. Still, she pulled her hand away and stalked closer to Angeline. “Do you still have the cheek to speak about that, Angeline? Don't forget who caused Mom and Dad's demise back then! Never mind that you got pregnant out of wedlock, but it was because of you that they were in an accident and died! Yet, you've still got the gall to ask for their shares in the company at such a time!”
  • “That's enough!”
  • Joseline was about to speak further when Wilfred, who was surrounded by the guests, slammed his cane on the marble floor. With a grim expression on his face, he barked at Angeline, “You. Get out of here!”
  • Angeline lifted her eyes and cast her gaze over.
  • Regretfully, Wilfred was looking at her as though she was a venomous snake. His gaze brimmed with utter detestation.
  • As Angeline pondered upon it, bitter disappointment swamped her.
  • In the past, I loved him from the bottom of my heart. But ever since my fall from grace, he abandoned me as though I was nothing more than a pawn to him. He never cared when I was out there, having only Joseline in his eyes.
  • “Don't look at me like that, Grandpa. I'm your biological granddaughter, after all.” Chuckling, she brushed past Joseline and walked over. She placed her gift on the table beside Wilfred. “This is a gift from me. Wishing you good health and long life.”
  • Then, Angeline pursed her lips before adding, “I don't dare go against your words. I'll leave right away. But you and Joseline should still give some thought to my words earlier.”
  • “Get lost!” Wilfred roared at the top of his lungs and again gave her the boot as if he loathed hearing her voice further.
  • A smirk played on Angeline's lips. She whirled around indifferently to leave.
  • At that precise moment, a cold voice abruptly rang out from outside the door.
  • “Your birthday banquet is really lively, Old Mr. Sorelle.”
  • The tepid voice was unhurried, but it had everyone cutting their gazes in its direction. Even Angeline couldn't help but halt in her tracks.
  • The man walking in wore a dark blue suit that rendered him all the taller and strapping. On the whole, he was exceedingly outstanding.
  • He emanated a dignified aura that was inimitable.
  • Even Angeline, who stood at the height of one point seven meters, only reached his shoulder. How tall!