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Chapter 17 Why Him

  • Right then, her phone beeped.
  • Angeline arched a brow and unlocked her phone. It turned out to be a picture from Nancy—a page from the contract.
  • When she zoomed in, she saw the penalty for breaching the contract.
  • “A zero. Two zeroes... Three...” The sum is a hundred million?
  • Angeline gasped before supporting herself with the armrest as she lowered herself to the couch.
  • The next morning was sunny.
  • Nancy came to Angeline's condominium to pick Angeline up before taking her to Golding Group's headquarters for the filming discussion of the advertisement.
  • Starlight Jewelry was one of the few local jewelry brands that managed to become an international luxury brand. Furthermore, Angeline was a popular A-list actress, so almost all of the famous media companies' reporters were there during the contract signing ceremony. In other words, the event was a grand sight to behold.
  • The moment Angeline arrived, the cameras began shuttering.
  • In the meantime, at Golding Group's chairman's office, Evander was looking through the contracts at his office desk, which had neat piles of documents, as usual.
  • He was wearing a white dress shirt and a dark brown checkered vest. The fabric of his garments was exquisite, and the cutting perfectly fit his figure of broad shoulders and a narrow waist. His figure alone would be alluring to most women.
  • “Mr. Golding,” Sylas greeted after knocking on his office door and entering.
  • “What's the matter?”
  • “Mr. Jantz suddenly called and told me that something urgent has cropped up in his schedule, so he won't be able to come to the office.”
  • Without lifting his head, Evander replied, “Isn't that a normal thing? What's surprising about it?”
  • Sylas anxiously explained, “It's fine if it's just any other day, but the brand that Mr. Jantz is in charge of, Starlight Jewelry, will be signing the contract with the brand spokesperson they've chosen in the conference room downstairs. The media reporters have all arrived, and they're waiting for Mr. Jantz.”
  • Evander flipped the page of the document he was reading and signed it. After passing it to Sylas, he said, “Send this to administration. Where's the contract signing taking place?”
  • “In the conference room on the tenth floor.” Sylas let out a relieved sigh at Evander's agreement. “I'll come with you?”
  • “No, it's fine. Send the document to administration and call Roger. Tell him that he has just lost his quarterly bonus.”
  • Sylas pointed out, “Mr. Golding, did you forget about this? You've deducted all of his quarterly bonuses this year the last time he stood up the company's business partner.”
  • Nevertheless, as Evander adjusted his cuffs, he calmly said, “Deduct his year-end bonus, then.”
  • Sylas only blinked in response.
  • Meanwhile, in the conference room on the tenth floor, the reporters had already crowded the place. All of their cameras were trained on Angeline, and they had never paused the recordings.
  • Despite Angeline's professionalism, the smile on her face was starting to stiffen. While she was lowering her head to tidy her hair, she whispered to Nancy, “What's going on?”
  • The agreed time to sign the contract had been half an hour ago, but the person in charge of signing the contract on behalf of Starlight Jewelry had yet to appear.
  • Nancy then said, “Let's wait for a little longer. After all, they're a famous brand. We've already signed the proper contract; this is only for show.”
  • Before Nancy was done speaking, overlapping voices sounded out in the corridor, as well as the clicking sounds of camera shutters. “He's here. He's here. Please move aside. We're about to start the contract signing.”
  • Angeline turned to look at the doorway as the reporters parted to open up a path for the newcomer.
  • The man who came was a man in a brown suit. He was one hundred and eighty-seven centimeters tall, and even though there were plenty of people surrounding him, anyone would be able to spot his aloof figure from afar.
  • Angeline's heart took a dip when she saw who had come, and she immediately straightened up in her seat.
  • Evander? Why is he here to sign the contract?