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Chapter 16 Endorsement Contract

  • “Do you hear yourself? Can't I just visit you?” As she cleaned away the drinks and snacks on the coffee table, Nancy's head remained hanging. After that, she finally stopped and picked up a file to pass to Angeline. “But you're right. There's something I need to inform you about.”
  • Angeline took the document in confusion before reading the large letters on the cover of the file: Endorsement Contract.
  • “Open it up.” Nancy gestured to her with a tilt of her chin.
  • “What's going on? You're being all mysterious,” Angeline muttered under her breath, but she still obediently flipped the pages of the contract. Just a glance at it, and her eyes were bright. In shock, she whispered, “The brand spokesperson of Starlight Jewelry?”
  • Starlight Jewelry had always been a high-end international brand, and it was a brand that many female celebrities desperately wanted to endorse. Unfortunately, in the earlier years, the brand had always chosen foreign female artistes, so the local artistes had no luck with that.
  • Without a doubt, her current agency must have spent a huge sum of money to pull strings and get this contract.
  • Yet, as Angeline's gaze drifted downward, she noticed the bold words—Golding Group. She then could not tear her eyes away from those words.
  • This brand is under Golding Group?
  • “What do you think? Exciting, right? Do you know how much effort the company has poured into getting this endorsement? Moreover, you had Denise Campbell competing for it too! She has been quite popular recently, and she has strong financial support, so she nearly won this deal instead!”
  • Nancy was agitated when she started talking about Denise.
  • “Still, I'm the great Nancy Yandell! No one's going to steal anything from me,” Nancy passionately uttered, but she did not notice Angeline's darkening expression.
  • What preoccupied Angeline's mind was Evander's cold expression and aggressive speech.
  • An endorsement deal like this would never reach Evander, so Angeline was sure that he never thought that Golding Group's brand spokesperson was going to be her.
  • Alas, Angeline mulled over it for a little longer before saying, “Reject it. I'm not going to endorse this.” Then, she tossed the contract to a corner of the couch before letting herself slump onto the couch.
  • She did not want to establish any more connections with the Golding Group and Evander Golding. Otherwise, the man would certainly assume that she had ulterior motives and was trying to approach him.
  • Unsurprisingly, Nancy reacted as if someone had told her the world was ending tomorrow. Without missing a beat, Nancy reached out to touch Angeline's forehead. “My goddess Angeline, are you ill? What foolish words are you speaking? Did you read the contract? It's Starlight Jewelry's contract!”
  • Angeline took an apple and began eating it. “I saw it, but I don't want to endorse it.”
  • After taking a few bites, she stood up, about to wash up.
  • When Nancy saw Angeline walking toward the stairs, she took the contract and solemnly said to the other woman, “It's too late. While you were away, the company made the decision for you. The contract is for five years.”
  • “What?” Angeline shrieked before spinning around to stare at Nancy.
  • She had only briefly flipped through the file, so she did not notice the seal mark at the back.
  • At that, Angeline quickly returned to Nancy to look at the contract again.
  • Nancy swiftly dodged her grasp by taking several quick steps back and hiding the contract behind her. “I don't know why you're rejecting it, but this is an opportunity the company simply can't let slip by. Think about it. Won't you be more confident in winning the best actress award with this endorsement?”
  • At Angeline's hesitance, Nancy quickly shoved the file back into her bag and continued, “That'll be it, then. There are some filming details that you'll need to confirm with Golding Group tomorrow, so rest well now. I'll come to pick you up tomorrow. I'll take off now. Bye.”
  • As if fearing that Angeline would reject her again, Nancy gave Angeline no time to respond before she dashed out of the house with the trash bag in hand. Angeline was speechless even after she was left alone in her house as the door closed with a loud bang.
  • Her temples throbbed. What ill luck.