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Chapter 13 Hospital

  • Angeline was confounded.
  • Nevertheless, she quickly tamped down her gossip-loving urges. What was most important at that moment was to explain what had just happened.
  • After all, Evander Golding's daughter was not someone she could afford to cross.
  • Angeline started, “Mr. Golding, I'm so sorry. What happened earlier was a misunderstanding. Your daughter...”
  • Evander's expression was as gloomy as a graveyard.
  • It seems like I didn't get the wrong person earlier. It's her. The “Angel” that Floretta was talking about is her too?
  • Previously, she stole the spotlight at the Sorelle residence's banquet. Then, she was able to make Floretta ask to make Angeline the girl's mother. It was difficult for him not to suspect that she had ulterior motives.
  • “Stop trying to come up with excuses. How can things be different from what we've seen? You're an uncivilized woman. I won't hold you accountable for the collision at the hotel, but you've even hit a kid this time and tried to run off!” Olivine pointed at Angeline before turning to the security guards behind Isaac Jansen. “Why are you still all standing there? Hurry up and take this woman to the police station!”
  • Before Isaac could recover from the shock of learning that Evander had a daughter, he heard Olivine's accusation. It made him even more flustered. As he hesitated and waited for Evander to give him the instruction, he muttered, “I...”
  • “Nonsense! Angel didn't hit me! Even if she did, she wouldn't have done it on purpose. Daddy, this has nothing to do with Angel. This is all my fault!” Floretta cried out as she tugged Evander's pants and stared at Olivine fearlessly.
  • Olivine never expected Floretta to speak on behalf of Angeline, and she paled. As she tried to grab Floretta's hand, she said, “Floretta, you're still young, so you still can't differentiate a bad person from a good one. Let me tell you this—this woman's an uncivilized bad person!”
  • “You're the bad person!”
  • Upon hearing Olivine slander Angeline, Floretta turned furious. Like a tiny tiger, she stepped away from the spot behind Evander's leg and glared at Olivine. “To me, only Angel has the right to be my mommy. There's no way you're going to marry my daddy and become Mrs. Golding. No way!”
  • Her words struck Olivine's sore spot, and Olivine paled before grimacing. “You—”
  • “That's enough!” Evander yelled to stop Floretta from saying any more.
  • His voice was a thunderous one, and Floretta promptly clamped her mouth shut to stop talking. Nevertheless, she still glanced at Angeline and winked at the woman.
  • Words eluded Angeline at the girl's action.
  • I've only seen her once, but why is she so adamant about making me her mommy? It'll be impossible for me to clear my name with how smart Evander is.
  • “Mr. Golding, there are surveillance cameras in the underground parking lot. If you don't believe me, you can always ask them to show you the footage. I'll admit that I was wrong to have bumped into your daughter. I don't mind if you request compensation or something along those lines, and I promise I'll bear the full responsibility for this,” Angeline sincerely told him.
  • Olivine scoffed. Right as she was about to retort Angeline again, Isaac cut in to say, “Our hotel's underground parking lot has been under construction for three months straight a while before, so some of our surveillance cameras have yet to be installed. The spot where the incident happened might be at a blind spot.”
  • At that, Angeline fell silent.
  • Evander lowered his eyes.
  • If this is also part of the woman's plan, then I must have underestimated her.
  • Evander then lowered his head to glance at Floretta's still-bleeding arm before lifting her up with one hand. In a much softer tone, he asked, “Does it hurt?”
  • Floretta froze for a second before biting her lower lip and nodding honestly.
  • In the next second, Evander's cold eyes landed on Angeline, and his tone was as glacial as his demeanor. “Ms. Sorelle, you should know that the Golding family does not need your compensation. Floretta is my precious daughter, and I'm certain a childless woman like you, Ms. Sorelle, would not understand the protection a father seeks to give his daughter. If anything were to happen to Floretta today, the Sorelle family would never be able to live in Hallsbay ever again.”
  • With that said, Evander turned and left with Floretta in his arms. At the same time, he called out, “Sylas, drive. We're going to the hospital.”
  • Olivine sneaked a glance at the frozen Angeline and sneered. After she vengefully hit Angeline's shoulder with her shoulder, she left with Evander.