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Chapter 11 You Are My Goddess

  • Cars were passing by at regular intervals in the underground parking lot.
  • Angeline kept her head low and walked quickly. When there was finally no one else around, she stopped tugging at the brim of her hat and finally revealed her face. She was wearing minimal makeup, and her eyes were glistening with tears. It was obvious that she had been crying.
  • Joseline had cruelly reminded her of her stillborn child. It was a grief that she had carried with her for the past five years.
  • She could not believe that Joseline would not even spare her long-dead child's memory in her quest for power, status, and the Sorelle family.
  • She's heartless!
  • Angeline retraced her steps to her parked car. She had not wanted to be seen driving a luxury car in case it gave off the wrong impression. So, she had purposely parked the borrowed car in an inconspicuous location.
  • The rhythmic clacking of her high heels echoed around the underground parking lot as she headed quickly in the direction of her car. At that moment, a lollipop rolled along the floor and stopped by her toes.
  • Angeline was oblivious to the candy on the ground and was about to step on it when a child's voice called out, “Oh no! My lollipop!”
  • A tiny figure dressed in a white tutu skirt appeared out of nowhere. The little girl had long, slightly wavy hair bound in two braids. She looked like a princess who had stepped out of a fairytale.
  • Angeline immediately retracted her foot and took a step back.
  • I almost stepped on it!
  • The little girl bent over and picked up the candy. She cleaned it carefully with her tiny hands. Then, she raised her head to smile at Angeline. “Thank you, miss!”
  • However, once Floretta got a good look at Angeline's face under the brim of her hat, her mouth fell open. She stood staring in surprise. Her eyes lit up as she piped up in disbelief, “Are you Angel, the big star?”
  • Angeline was a little taken aback.
  • Angel?
  • “You recognize me?” Angeline asked.
  • Floretta nodded exuberantly. “Yes! You are my goddess! I'm your biggest fan!”
  • After her outburst, Floretta blushed prettily, embarrassed by her own excitement. Angeline's heart melted. The little girl's every move was adorable.
  • At a glance, the girl looked to be about five or six years old. If my child had lived, they would be about the same age...
  • “Where are your parents?” Angeline glanced around the parking lot, but there was no one else to be seen.
  • What kind of parents would let their young daughter run around by herself in such a huge parking lot? What if she got lost?
  • Floretta blinked slowly, her eyes filling up with tears as she confessed, “I don't have a mommy or daddy.”
  • No parents? How could this be possible?
  • Angeline glanced at the skirt that the girl was wearing. Although it was just child's clothing, Angeline recognized it as having been made by the most popular brand currently. The girl was clearly the daughter of a rich family. She must have said that because she is throwing a tantrum at her parents.
  • Angeline led Floretta to a safe corner, away from any car's path. She bent down to meet the girl at eye level. “Little girl, I have somewhere to be right now. Please don't run around the parking lot. Stay here and wait for your parents to get you, okay?”
  • The smile faded from Floretta's face. Her rosebud lips turned downward in a sad pout. She looked as if she was about to burst into tears.
  • Angeline could not bear to see the girl cry, but she really was in a rush. Nancy would be blowing up her phone with her calls in about ten minutes.
  • She caressed Floretta's hair soothingly. Then, she pressed a button on her car key and unlocked her car with a small beep.
  • She pulled open the door, got in, and fastened the seat belt around herself.
  • Angeline glanced at the rearview mirror. She could still see the little girl standing forlornly in the corner, watching her with teary eyes.
  • Floretta had been telling the truth. She was an orphaned child. Every time her kindergarten had a parent-teacher meeting or any other parent-child activity, she would always be sitting alone by herself. In contrast, all the other students were accompanied by their parents.
  • Many of her classmates teased her cruelly, calling her an unwanted child.
  • Floretta's face drooped sadly as she watched Angeline reverse her car out of the parking spot and speed off.
  • Her lips quivered when she saw that Angeline was already reaching the parking lot exit.
  • In the blink of an eye, Floretta made up her mind. She immediately took off on her little legs, running after Angeline's car.