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Chapter 10 Floretta Goes Missing

  • As the two of them were standing really close to each other, Angeline didn't dare look up for fear of being recognized. “Sorry!”
  • With her hat covering more than half of her face, she quickly ran off after apologizing.
  • Evander seemed to be deep in thought as he stared at her back while she left.
  • As he recalled her charming voice and great enunciation when apologizing, he couldn't help but think of that woman he saw the other day.
  • Huh... Is it just me, or does she resemble that woman I saw the other day? Evander frowned deeply at the thought of that.
  • “Honestly, people these days have no manners whatsoever! Hey, Mr. Jansen! How could you let a savage like her into this hotel?” Olivine yelled furiously, her face all red.
  • Realizing that things could potentially escalate, Isaac quickly stepped forward to help pick up her handbag. Then, he handed it over to her. “Please calm down, Ms. Sherrock. A woman of your status shouldn't be getting mad at a lowlife like her,” he said while glancing at Evander.
  • Due to how obvious his gaze was, Olivine was quick to notice it and immediately took the hint.
  • Since Evander was right next to her, she had no choice but to keep her anger suppressed. After taking a few seconds to calm down, she took her handbag over from Isaac and thanked him.
  • “Evander, let's—” Olivine was about to have Evander send her home when someone came bursting through the front door.
  • Sylas tightened his grip on the phone and flashed Evander a solemn look before making his way over. “Mr. Golding, it appears Ms. Floretta has been following us...”
  • He then handed Evander a pink doll as he continued, “I found this in the trunk.”
  • Floretta would always carry that doll with her wherever she went.
  • The look on Evander's face turned gloomy as he took the doll over. “Have you tried calling home?” he asked coldly.
  • “Yes, I have. The housekeeper said Ms. Floretta was taking a nap in her room, but the room was empty when the housekeeper checked on her,” Sylas replied.
  • Evander was frowning so deeply that he could probably squash a fly between his brows.
  • D*mn it... This kid just won't give me a break, huh? She must've snuck into the trunk when we left the house earlier.
  • With that in mind, he turned toward Isaac and said, “Get me the footage from all the surveillance cameras of your hotel. Do it right now.”
  • Although Isaac had no idea who Floretta was, he figured she was probably someone important to Evander after seeing his solemn expression.
  • “Sure thing!” Isaac replied with a nod and instructed the receptionist to prepare the surveillance camera footage within the past hour.
  • Dozens of people were gathered in the security room as they checked the footage but couldn't find anything, no matter how hard they tried.
  • The look in Evander's eyes turned dark as he stared at each and every figure that appeared on the screen but saw no sign of the girl.
  • Olivine placed a hand on Evander's shoulder and comforted him, saying, “Calm down, Evander. Floretta may be mischievous, but she's a very smart girl. I'm sure she just decided to come out for some fresh air after getting bored at home. She won't go missing or anything.” Unbeknownst to him, there was a hint of malice in Olivine's eyes as she cautiously observed his response from the side.
  • Floretta has always been opposing me and pulling pranks on me. Heck, that brat even told me she wouldn't let Evander marry me! It'll be great if she goes missing or gets into an accident!
  • Evander's patience was running out as the end of the surveillance footage drew near.
  • Suddenly, someone pointed at the screen and yelled, “Mr. Golding! I see a little girl!”
  • Evander, who was about to get up and leave, paused in his tracks and glared coldly at the screen in response. Sure enough, he saw the petite figure of a little girl.
  • “Rewind it by a couple of seconds!” he ordered.
  • The person did as told, and everyone could clearly see a little girl wearing a pretty dress with her hair in twin braids. As if afraid of being spotted, she glanced around before disappearing behind a corner.
  • Olivine's expression grew increasingly awkward when she saw that.
  • “Where is that place?”
  • “The second floor of the underground parking lot.”
  • Not wanting to waste another second, Evander got up from his chair and began walking out of the security room.
  • “Evander! Wait for me!” Olivine shouted as she grabbed his coat and ran after him.