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Sweet Child of Mine

Sweet Child of Mine

Trista Hodges

Last update: 2023-03-17

Chapter 1 The Child Is Gone

  • After being in labor for six grueling hours, she received devastating news at the hospital in Hallsbay.
  • “I'm sorry, Ms. Sorelle. Your child... didn't make it.”
  • “What?” The exhausted Angeline Sorelle blanched at the obstetrician's words. Her eyes widened in disbelief. “That's not possible. The fetus has been healthy all this while. So what do you mean the baby didn't make it? I felt it kicking in my womb every day!”
  • “I'm sorry, Ms. Sorelle...”
  • Angeline clenched the bedsheet. The obstetrician's revelation had caused her to experience great misery. “Impossible... That's impossible...”
  • Nine months ago, her family celebrated her birthday at a hotel in Hallsbay. When she got a little tipsy, her sister brought her upstairs to give her some rest. When she woke up the next morning, Angeline realized she was lying in a stranger's bed.
  • She found out she was pregnant a month later.
  • Angeline's parents exploded with rage, but they could not just leave their daughter in the lurch. According to the obstetrician, Angeline had a thin endometrium. Should she undergo an abortion, she might not be able to conceive children in the future anymore.
  • In the end, Angeline's parents decided to send her to a rural village, where she spent the next nine months. She eventually returned to Hallsbay when she was about to deliver the baby.
  • Angeline still could not believe she had lost her child just because she accidentally slipped and fell.
  • She went berserk and started looking for her baby frantically in the hospital, even though she had just experienced severe blood loss a while ago.
  • After searching high and low, she still could not find her newborn.
  • “No! This is not possible! How can I lose my baby just like that?” she howled in despair as she fell to the ground.
  • Many passersby walked past her, but none stepped forward to comfort her and help her up.
  • Meanwhile, a woman retrieved a baby from a nurse before giving the nurse a monetary gift.
  • The woman then left the hospital in haste and sneaked into the private room of a high-end restaurant.
  • Upon seeing the muscular man with an indifferent look on his face, she showed the child to him. “Here's the baby, sir. It's a girl.”
  • The man's face was hidden in the dark though he was sitting by the table. Nevertheless, anyone could feel his dominating aura by the sharp glint in his eyes.
  • “Sylas.”
  • “Yes, sir.” His assistant, Sylas Miller, walked up to him. “How can I help you?”
  • The man said in a calm voice, “Get rid of her.”
  • Nine months ago, he accidentally impregnated an unknown woman at that hotel in Hallsbay, so he did not want the child.
  • Sylas responded with a grunt and carried the baby from the woman. When he was about to get rid of her, he unintentionally brushed his arm against the blanket, revealing the child beneath it.
  • The newborn had a beautiful complexion and eyes that resembled a pair of onyx.
  • The mysterious man's eyes darkened when he unintentionally glanced at the baby. The baby giggled when she saw his face.
  • Her response melted the man's stone-cold heart a little.
  • He reached out his fingers and played with the child. A few seconds later, the man said, “She has my eyes. What a pretty little girl. Bring her home and get her a nanny.”
  • “All right, sir.”