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Stanton Series Box Set

Stanton Series Box Set

TL Swan

Last update: 2023-04-10

Chapter 1

  • Adore
  • Have you ever had a moment? A specific moment in time.
  • When you know the next decision you make is going
  • To change the course of your life.
  • And if so, do you go forward or walk away,
  • Knowing that heart break is imminent
  • This is what I’m trying to decipher
  • This is my story
  • I’ll let you be the judge
  • Memories… strange things that they are. Every human brain has millions upon millions of these, however it chooses only certain ones to recall in your conscience. To put into your psyche. How does it decipher which ones to wipe and which ones to forget, and which ones to replay again and again? And does the human brain have the ability to exaggerate memories? Make the highs higher, the lows lower, passion more tender, the orgasms stronger.
  • Think about it. Which ten memories are poignant to you? Good or bad, they are usually connected to life–changing events. Moments in time that stand still and, in course, change the direction you are headed within your life.
  • My name is Natasha Marx. As a Clinical Psychologist I spend my days dissecting people’s minds, dealing with their memories. Mostly trying to erase them or at least repress them. Help them move on from the shadows of their souls. I blow out a breath and I shake my head, staring into space as once again the movie screen that is my brain replays the motion picture. Dredging my heart out with it on its way. Captivating an audience of one to a tender erotic time of my life.
  • A time when choices were made easily and unguardedly. A time when the side effects of my actions held no consequence for anyone concerned.
  • A time of innocence and betrayal.
  • Chapter 1
  • His breathing is laboured, like he’s gasping for air. My heart races out of control as anticipation of his next move thrills, excites and petrifies me all at the same time. I sigh gently, and my eyes close as I roll my head to the side to allow him greater access to my neck.
  • “So beautiful,” he whispers. My god, if someone had told me two weeks ago that I would be here, doing this with him in the middle of the night, in a tent with both sets of our parents only thirty metres away, I would think they’d need their head read. I can’t believe it myself. What the hell am I doing? I am way out of my depth.
  • He smiles into my neck, “Precious girl can you feel me? Feel how ready you are for me?” He gently and slowly adds another finger into my sex and tenderly takes my erect nipple into his mouth between his teeth and draws his head back. The wet sound of my arousal hangs thick in the air. I take a deep breath as my legs instinctively open wider. My knees bent high, my back arches and my hips gently rotate. My body takes over as I start to ride his strong thick fingers. I bear down, needing more. My wet centre is blessed with yet another burst of creamy arousal. His fingers ease in and out stretching me open, preparing me as he gently runs his open lips back down my neck. His breath is shaking as he tries to control the raging hormones that threaten his undoing. He leans up onto his elbow and looks down at me. “I need this…please… let me make love to you.” He runs the tips of his four fingers over my swollen flesh in a circular motion grazing my clitoris. My body jerks in response. His forehead rests against mine and his eyes bore into me, then my breath catches as my eyes close. “God I want you Tash… please…, I’ve never wanted anything so much.” He grazes my neck again with his teeth. My senses are under assault, my brain ceasing to operate.
  • Mechanical meltdown. “Josh, you feel so good,” I whisper. I grab his face with both hands and slide my tongue into his mouth. He flicks his fingers against my wet clitoris and my breath catches. My body convulses and I moan in a husky voice that is unrecognisable to my ears.
  • “I can make it feel better, precious…let me.” I place my hand on his forearm to feel the muscles flex as he rides me with his hands, strong, able pleasure–giving hands. His palm circles on my outer lips as his fingers delve deep to massage the front wall of my vagina, a place only he knows where to find. My eyes roll back in my head and I bring my feet up and place them flat on the ground to bring his fingers deeper. I’m panting, the orgasm so close I can taste it.
  • “No,” he whispers and removes his fingers.
  • “Josh, no,” I whisper. “Don’t stop, baby, please I need this.”
  • “No Natasha,” he whispers. He only uses my full name when he’s accentuating his point, forcing his will on me. He tenderly kisses me again, his tongue melting my resistance. “We’ve been doing this every night for a week. I’m giving you multiple orgasms.” He gently bites my neck as I smile.
  • “Hmmm,” I whisper. “Is there a problem with that?”
  • “No problem, it’s just…tonight… I need, I need,” his breath catches, “something…something more.” His breath quivers as his fingertips find that spot on my clitoris again, circling with precision. I moan involuntarily and my neck arches, throwing my head back into the pillow. “How does the word penetration sound?”
  • I giggle into his neck. “Did you really just say that?” He smiles. I know he’s teasing me. “Penetration really.”
  • “Ok, would you rather I say I’m going to fuck you into next week. Fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk for a week? Push into that beautiful tight little pussy of yours with my hard cock.” He growls into my neck as he hears the crude words he’s just spoken. They turn me on beyond words and ignite my already boiling blood. That’s it, the last of my control dissipates. I know I will do anything he wants.