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Chapter 4 Adventrous Tale

  • The day unfolded as a memorable adventure. We climbed hills, explored an ancient library adorned with rows of dusty, time-worn books illuminated by sunlight filtering through yellowish glass windows. The air carried a rustic aroma of aging pages as my fingers traced the engraved titles on old manuscripts, best sellers, and other treasures of words.
  • Lunch took us to a traditional restaurant, echoing years-old customs, ethics, and the culture of the state. The time to bid goodbye arrived too quickly. We witnessed a breathtaking sunset from the peak of a mountain, a moment etched in our memories forever. With a heavy heart and damp eyes, we marched back to the bus in rows, girls in one, boys in the second.
  • As we boarded the bus, the lively singing that echoed earlier now transformed into soft whispers, expressing the shared sentiment of wishing to stay amidst the vibrant green hills forever. I settled into the third row, taking a window seat. Leaning back, I turned my head to witness the beauty for as long as I could.
  • "May I sit here?" a voice came from behind me. Startled in my seat, my heart pounded in recognition of the voice. Carefully and slowly, I turned my head to the right.
  • My pulses ceased for a moment. "Yes," I heard myself saying. She took her seat, adjusting her belongings and crossing her legs. I couldn't help but gaze at her, and she seemed unfazed. If she had felt uncomfortable or wanted me to stop, she would have given me a sign, but she did nothing of the sort. Shocked, I found myself strangely pleased by her indifference.
  • The soft glow of dim light above us cast a gleaming spotlight on the roof, creating an alluring play of shadows on her thighs. It ignited a desire within me that I struggled to contain.
  • As the bus continued on its way back, cheers erupted around us. "I'm Leslie!" she introduced herself. "Arthur!" I replied. "So, how's it?" she inquired. "Yep, really fun," I responded.
  • "I see! I'm amazed; we never interacted before. I mean, we are fellows, but our paths never crossed," she remarked. It was true; even though we were fellow travelers, my reserved nature had kept me from interacting with many people. Today, sitting beside her, captivated by the spell of her beauty, I cursed my reserved instincts.
  • "Yes, I don't interact with many people. That's the reason only a few people know me," I admitted. I could see her taking genuine interest in me, and I couldn't deny how much I relished that attention. No, I loved it.
  • "Yes, I don't interact with many people. That's the reason only a few people know me," I confessed. I could see her taking genuine interest in me, and may I tell you how much I enjoyed that? No, I loved that.
  • Ask me more about myself, I silently wished, wanting to engage in conversation with her all the way back home without a moment's pause. The inner me was shouting with enthusiasm.
  • Unfortunately, it seemed she heard the desperate cries of my inner self, as per my assumption. She slid down on the seat, revealing a little more of her upper thighs, and settled herself while putting in her earphones.
  • Truthfully, I felt a pang of disappointment—although that might not be the right word, for when it came to her, my perfectly built vocabulary crashed.
  • About to turn around, I felt something. Did she just look at me? How should I interpret her lopsided grin and the mild curl forming at the corner of her mouth? It took me a solid two minutes, my mouth agape as I gazed at her.
  • 'Okay!' A surge of butterflies danced in my stomach, having a cheerful party to the fastest music.
  • Bending down, my hands fumbled in the darkness below and pulled up a lightweight blanket from the service basket placed right below our seats. Draping it over my shoulders, I slumped back. The cries were gradually fading as tiredness prevailed, and everyone started to hit the sack.
  • There were only distant whispers, the hum of the bus engine, and the rush of wind pierced by speedy vehicles. I closed my eyes, pretending to sleep, but suddenly I felt someone tugging at the blanket over my body. It glided a little and a little more, and I could already feel the rising anticipation, like a chalice filling with excitement.
  • Soon, she was in.
  • We both found ourselves under the same soft, fluffy roof of a blanket.
  • She smirked.
  • The dormant desires within me stirred, urging to engulf her entirely, to merge the whole of her into me and the whole of me into her.
  • Lying beside her, gazing at the heavens above, envisioning us both entangled in an air thick with passionate desires, I moved my fingers slowly on the soft, gleaming bare thighs of hers.
  • Oh, God! Her legs were even more radiant under the duvet.
  • I warmed up the tips of my fingers on her legs, and I could sense how much she was enjoying it, evident from the grin that adorned her face throughout.
  • It felt like a green light, signaling me to gear up for this adventurous ride. However, I didn't rush; I wanted to go slow and relish every moment by taking small bites.
  • As my fingers continued their journey up and down her thighs, I took off my shoes and tangled my legs with hers. A hint of jealousy crept in as my jeans had the privilege of being against her bare shins instead of my skin.
  • I stopped, unfastened the buckle, unzipped my pants, slid it down, and crossed my legs with hers. "Umm... I like it," she whispered, gazing down at my probed ball as she moved closer to my ear and smirked.
  • I didn't mind her having the advantage of seeing me in my underwear, considering the advantages I would be having in return. I curled my arms around her waist and pulled her closer. As my fingers ascended on her back below her crop top, I glided it up, and my other hand moved up her belly, dancing like a pianist playing his best tunes. She arched her back slightly as my fingers slid down her top, hitting the right spot.
  • I cupped my hand around her breast and squeezed it playfully. She was about to let out a moan, but I kissed her like a butterfly starving for nectar, savoring the taste of her succulent lips.
  • I swear her lips tasted better than any sweets ever available in the market. No bakery could produce sweets better than the taste her lips gave. I circled my fingertips around her teats as our tongues danced, and the subtle movements of her body signaled that she didn't want me to stop, and neither did I want to stop myself.
  • She dug her nails into my back, tearing the fabric of my leather jacket and leaving tiny holes, but I didn't stop. Her bosom began to rise and fall faster, and she grew out of breath. Curling her fingers into a fist, she pinched my jacket and pushed me away.
  • "Ah," she took a heavy sigh, catching fresh air. We both were panting heavily, beads of sweat forming on our foreheads. She grinned, looking at me straight. I was smiling too.
  • We still had miles to cover to reach our destination, and we both had the night ahead to make the most out of it. The journey was far from over, and our shared adventure had just begun.