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Chapter 4

  • "They wouldn't lend me money, they said I had come to borrow for my drunk husband that even if they gave me as little as a shekel, I wouldn't be able to pay back," she said weeping.
  • "The one who the husband had tried to borrow me, his wife had accused me of trying to take away her husband from her by collecting money from him. I had to leave before she calls the villagers" her mother said with more tears rushing down her eyes.
  • "You see mother, you shouldn't have gone to them. Even though I only had two dresses, I would wear them happily till I save up enough" she said comforting her mother who continued weeping.
  • "We would not die out of hunger, as long as we are alive, the gods would provide food for us" Galene assured her mother.
  • "But am not happy Galene, I am not. My only daughter couldn't dress like her fellow maidens, if not for your god's given beauty, I wonder who would look at you" she said and Galene smiled.
  • "You just said it mother, the gods knew how things were that was why they gave me their natural beauty so you don't need to worry about anything for I would marry a good husband who would love me and treat me right and I would shower you with gifts to make up for your sufferings".
  • She said and her mother beamed. "The gods heard she raised her hands and exclaimed"
  • Let me go fetch firewood with Diana so we could cook the small corn remaining at the barn" Galene said and her mother nodded.
  • She stood up, hugged her mother, and went in to get a cutlass.
  • "Galene!! Galene!!!!! Where is that good for nothing girl who knows nothing else to do in the house other than eating all my food and sleep" Amos yelled out hurrying towards the cottage with guards following behind him.
  • "Galene!!!!" He called again raising his voice. " Father Galene answered running out from the back of the cottage while dropping the cutlass in her hands.
  • "You called me father" she answered bowing her head in greetings.
  • "Yes go in and get the things they are here for you," he said not sparing her a glance.
  • Galene stare at the men who came with her father dressed in guard attire wondering what they were doing in her house and what her father was talking about.
  • "What do you mean Amos," her mother said from behind and stepped closer to them.
  • "Tell me what you meant by what you just said," she asked curiously peering at the guards her husband came back with.
  • "Yes father, why should I go with them? Do you have anything to do with them that you want me to follow them?" Galene also asked in confusion.
  • "Stop asking me silly questions will you" Amos shouted and sat down on a low stool, brought out his pipe, and started smoking from it.
  • "I needed money so I sold her off to Master Damien, after all, she meant nothing to me and she is of no use to us so let her follow them" he dropped the bomb and her mother slumped to the floor in shock.
  • "How could you Amos, How could you do that to your only daughter Amos? what has Galene done to deserve this from you Amos? You are so heartless" she yelled hitting her husband who pushed her off.
  • Galene stood Frozen, Her world crumbling to her feet. A heavy downpour flooded her eyes and trickled down her eyes into her chest.
  • She couldn't believe her ears. What was her father talking about? Yes, she knew he hated her but could he go to the extent of selling her off to a man as ruthless as master Damien of the Guthram clan?
  • She couldn't understand why he would sell her off. What in the world has she done to him to deserve such treatment?
  • shattering all her dreams for the sake of money which he would probably use for gambling and drinking.
  • She sniffed and glanced up to her father who looked less concerned smoking from his pipe.
  • "How could you father, how could you be so cruel to give me out in slavery to the hands of that beast Master of Guthram clan father" Galane cried furiously wiping the tears streaming down her eyes.
  • "Don't ask me such stupid question; Tell me, Of what use are you to me? You are not a male and you worth nothing here"
  • If I should leave you, you would get married soon to a useless man and become someone's property so I have to make use of you and make money from you" her father shrieked.
  • "You only consumed food in my house so I did the only thing a man in my shoes would do. And Master Damien is the only one who would give me lots of coins and you are lucky it was him I sold you to and not some random merchant" he said and stood up.
  • "Don't stand there looking at me, go and bring your things before they bundle you out of here" he said and went in.
  • "A young lady does not waste our time," The guards said and Galene sniffed walking inside and got her remaining dress; putting it in foil, she walked out and followed behind the guards.
  • "Nooooo Galene come back Do not leave me her mother wailed running towards them and clutching on her dress.
  • "Please my daughter" she cried and Galene wiped her tears and hugged her before the guards separated them and dragged her into the carriage waiting outside their house.
  • She got into the awaiting carriage and they drove off. She sniffed in her tears as she looked back at the wailing mother.
  • It took several hours because they got to the Guthram clan.
  • The carriage was fast approaching the big gates of the clan and as they did, Galene felt more nervous. "Should she just make an excuse of easing herself and run off?" she thought.