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Chapter 7 First Day

  • The mirror didn’t lie. Mia checked the length of her skirt one more time and made sure the seam was where it was supposed to be. She’d bought a full-length mirror when she’d gone shopping on Saturday to make sure she fit the specifications of her contract. She was wearing a black pencil-skirt that hit just above her knee, but with the slit in the back significantly higher, she felt slightly exposed. It wasn’t obscene by any means, nothing like that woman had worn to the interview, but it wasn’t something Mia would usually wear.
  • She also had on a white button-down shirt. The top three buttons were undone, as her contracted said they must be, which meant one could see her lacy white bra at certain angles. She wasn’t sure what to think about that. Would everyone think she was some sort of slut?
  • Her heels weren’t that high, but they were strappy, black, sexy and shiny. Her earrings were simple, as also mandated, and she had her hair up in a bun—but not a severe one, yet not a messy one either. The contract had been so specific; she hoped she didn’t mess it up.
  • The day before, she’d gotten her nails done and spent more money on makeup than she had in her entire life. She’d also had someone show her the best way to put it on. The expert at the salon was happy to help her, and she’d ended up buying a few more products she hadn’t even realized she’d need. Mia had also bought some extremely expensive perfume.
  • When she’d gotten the card, she’d been under the impression that kind of money could last her a long time. But over half of it was gone in two days of shopping. It was insane that she could go from a safety pin in her skirt to this sort of wardrobe overnight. She’d justified it by saying that she had to look good at her job, but deep down inside, she knew the longing to have money, to look irresistible and wealthy, were hungers she just hadn’t acknowledged yet.
  • A car was coming to pick her up. She didn’t want to take any chances with being late, so she’d arranged for a car service. With her new attaché case in her hand, which carried her signed contract, Mia went out to meet the car.
  • Nerves began to stir her stomach as the driver took her through town. The cityscape was already bustling with people headed to work, buying newspapers, and grabbing breakfast. Chicago was alive, and Mia was part of it. But she was still anxious about meeting Mr. Whitaker. What if he realized he’d made a mistake? If she got fired, would she have to pay the money back? The contract didn’t mention that….
  • The driver pulled over next to the building that housed her new employer. She thanked him, glad she had included a tip when she’d paid the service because she had no cash, and slid out the door.
  • Standing outside of the building, she took a deep breath and looked up, praying this ended up being the job of her dreams and not a nightmare.
  • A quick check of the time told her she wasn’t late, that she’d make it up to the office about five minutes early. Trying to look confident, Mia headed inside to the elevator.
  • Several people got on with her, and as the elevator went higher, people got off and others got on as she worked her way up to the forty-seventh floor.
  • At forty-six, the doors opened, and a pair of familiar blue eyes met hers. A crooked smile took over Beau’s face as he recognized her. “Good morning, Mia.”
  • “Hi,” she said, smiling like a silly school girl. He was so good looking, and even though she knew she looked pretty good in her new outfit, on the inside, she was still the awkward girl who’d literally ran into him a few days ago.
  • They were the only two in the elevator now as the doors closed and the lift headed up. “I guess you got the job,” he said, standing next to her. “Congrats. You look… amazing.”
  • “Thank you.” She felt her face flush. “I’m excited.”
  • There wasn’t much time to say anything else. The doors opened on forty-seven, and he gestured for her to go out first. She thanked him again and stepped out, taking another deep breath.
  • “Good luck today,” he said. He rested his hand lightly on her back and the same electric tingles she’d felt the last time they’d touched ignited her.
  • “Thank you. Maybe… I’ll see you sometime.”
  • “Probably so.” He gave her another smile and then headed down the hallway. She assumed there must be another entrance that was closer to his office but didn’t give it much thought as the doors loomed in front of her and she prepared to go in.
  • The receptionist was already sitting behind the desk when she entered. She was moving some papers around and moving items on her desk. Mia cleared her throat, but the girl didn’t look up. She didn’t want to be late because she’d been ignored. “Excuse me?”
  • The blonde looked up and blew out a hot breath. “Yes?”
  • With as friendly a smile as she could muster, Mia said, “Hi. I’m Mia Eaton. This is my first day. I’m supposed to meet Ms. Smithy. Should I just go back or….”
  • The receptionist pressed a button, and the door opened. “Be sure to get your door code before you leave today,” she said as if Mia was putting her out by making her stretch her arm a bit.
  • “Thank you.” It was too early for Mia to let this woman upset her. She went through the door and tried to remember how to get to Veronica’s desk. She didn’t have to look too far, though. The woman was waiting for her a few steps away.
  • “Good morning,” Mia.” She had an apprehensive look on her face, as if she wasn’t completely sure Mia was the right choice. “Did you sign your contract?”
  • Mia patted her attaché case. “I did.”
  • Veronica almost looked disappointed as she said, “Then welcome to Whitaker and Whitaker. Follow me.”