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Chapter 7

  • I hold Nora’s small body against my chest and figure I’ve got about five more minutes of willpower. I can’t do this. I want her more than I’ve ever wanted anything, but it’s way more than that. I love her. I want to marry her.
  • Why in the hell did it have to be my best friend’s daughter?
  • I’ve asked myself that question a million times, and I still don’t know the answer. I just know it is.
  • I run my hands along her back, amazed at how damn soft her skin is. I resist the urge to cup her ass, even though I know her skirt is still bunched up and it’s nothing but bare ass and pussy. It had taken every ounce of willpower I possess to not bury my face in her pussy when she was touching herself. I still can’t believe she’s saved herself for me. Just the idea of being the only person to claim that pussy is enough to keep me hard for the rest of my life.
  • She squirms against me, and I grit my teeth at the feel of her hard nipples dragging along my chest. I feel her warm lips on my neck a second before she lifts herself up so she’s straddling me. I can’t help but return the beautiful smile she’s giving me. She looks like an absolute goddess with her long, dark hair falling down her back and the gorgeous flush to her skin. Her blue eyes are practically glowing.
  • “Orgasms look good on you,” I say, letting my hands rest on her thighs.
  • “You’re so beautiful.”
  • She blushes even more and trails her fingers under my shirt so she can dance them along my chest and abs. I don’t know how much more my cock can take. When she slowly starts to move her hips, grinding her pussy against me, I grab her hips and set her on the bed next to me.
  • “I’m sorry,” I say. “God, Nora, I’m only human. I don’t know how much more of this I can handle.”
  • She looks at me and gives me a smile before leaning in to give me a soft kiss. Her lips are gone from mine far quicker than I’d like. I miss the feel of her body against mine already. Just when I’m about to grab her and pull her back into me, she stands and faces me. Her tits are so fucking perfect, and it’s hard to take my eyes off them, but I do so I can look into her eyes.
  • “I know this is hard for you, and I am truly sorry about that, but I love you, and I’ll never be sorry for the way I feel. I’m going to go back to my room because I think you need some time to think.”
  • I just stare at her because clearly I’m not up to being the adult right now. She seems to understand my struggle. Stepping closer, she gives me another gentle kiss before leaving my room, shutting the door behind her. I rest my elbows on my thighs and drop my head into my hands. God, I’m in way over my head here. All I can think about is the taste, feel, and smell of her. I give a frustrated groan when I see the large wet stain she’s left on my jeans. Why the fuck hadn’t I just buried my face in her like I’d wanted to? Because she’s off limits, I remind myself. Ben and Steph would never understand. I resign myself to the fact that being next to her while she cums is the closest I’ll ever get to her. Not that that can ever happen again, though. It was a one-time thing. Over and done with.
  • I almost believe it as exhaustion hits me and I yank off my jeans and crawl under the covers. I’m ready for today to be over. Sleep eventually comes, but it doesn’t bring me the reprieve I so desperately need. Instead, I get a string of insanely vivid dreams of me fucking Nora in every way I can think of. I wake up even more miserable, a thing I hadn’t thought possible.
  • After a quick shower, I drag myself to the coffee machine and want to cry when I see Nora already there in the world’s tiniest shorts and a sports bra that makes her tits look amazing. There’s an enormous amount of skin on display, and I want to lick every inch of it.
  • “Morning,” she says with a big grin already pouring me a cup of coffee.
  • “Thanks.” I take it and try not to look at her amazing young body.
  • “I thought I’d check out your treadmill, if that’s okay.”
  • “Sure,” I say. “This is your home now, too, so feel free to use anything you want.”
  • I can’t deny how good it feels to call this her home. Judging by the huge grin on her face, she’s thinking the same thing.
  • Before she walks off, she surprises me by giving me a big hug. The top of her head only comes to my shoulder, so she lays her face against my chest and closes her eyes, keeping her arms tight around me. I set my mug down and wrap one arm around her back and use my other hand to cradle the back of her head. Giving the top of her head a kiss, I breathe in the scent of her, wondering how anyone can feel so damn good. It’s like she was made just for me.
  • Without saying a word, she gives my chest a quick kiss and lets go of me, walking off toward the spare room. Her hair is in a high ponytail, and I can’t seem to take my eyes off her slender, graceful neck. I keep staring long after she disappears from view.
  • I manage to keep myself busy for the next forty minutes, and I’m pretty damn proud of myself for not going in and ogling her while she runs. Just imagining it was painful enough. All that flies out the window, though, when she reappears, her whole body glistening with sweat. I’m at the counter going over some papers for work, and I’m gripping my pen so tightly my knuckles are white.