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Chapter 3

  • I try not to laugh at how flustered Nora is. She’s clearly been planning this for a while, and I’m curious how far she’ll take it. She fidgets nervously as I lock the front door. I can’t deny that a big part of me wants to reach down and pull her petite body close to mine. Hell, I’d like to do a whole lot more than that, and that’s probably reason enough right there to not let her move in with me, but, damn, I can’t deny that I’d really like to have her so close to me. I feel protective of her to a ridiculous degree. If she’s living with me, then I can make sure she’s safe.
  • I’m just trying to look out for my best friend’s daughter.
  • I want to roll my eyes at my own bullshit. Yeah, I want to watch out for her, but I also want to fuck her. My eyes keep straying to the tiny skirt she’s wearing. It’s giving me brief glimpses of her perfect ass as she leads us to her car, and I have to bite my tongue to keep from letting out a groan. This is a very bad idea.
  • The closer we get to her car, the weirder Nora starts acting.
  • “Give me just a sec, and I can clean up,” she says, trying to block my way to the passenger door.
  • “Oh, that’s okay,” I say, gently pushing her aside so I can see in. “I mean, if we’re going to be roomies, then I should probably see what I’m getting myself into, right?”
  • She nervously twists a dark strand of hair around her finger as I open the door and lean into the car. The first thing I notice is a pair of binoculars sitting on the front seat, and the second thing I notice has me letting out a small groan that I hope Nora hasn’t heard. If it wasn’t for the deep blush on her cheeks, then I would think I was imagining the faint scent of her pussy still lingering within her car.
  • I lift my eyes from her binoculars and quirk an eyebrow at her.
  • She fixes her beautiful blue eyes on something in the distance and shrugs her small shoulders. “I’ve recently taken up birdwatching.” “Well, that is interesting,” I say, trying very hard to not laugh.
  • Had she just been watching me while she fucked herself in her car? That would explain her flushed appearance when I’d first seen her on my doorstep. There was definitely a hunger to her eyes, but ever since she turned 18, I’ve noticed that she’s looking at me like that more and more, and it’s getting harder and harder to ignore.
  • I get into her car and inhale the sweet scent of her pussy. Awesome. I can now go talk to her parents while sporting a massive hard-on for their daughter. While she walks around to the driver’s side, I can’t help but lift the binoculars and look at my front window. I smile when I realize it immediately gives me a perfect view of where I’d just been standing, shirtless no less. Holy shit! She really had been masturbating in here. Just the idea of it has my cock growing to a painfully large size.
  • When she opens her door, I hold them out to her and try very hard to not imagine her rubbing one out in this very car. “You should probably keep these close in case we stumble across any rare bird species on our way.”
  • I can’t hold back the laughter when she grabs them out of my hand and tosses them into the backseat.
  • “I don’t see what’s so funny.” She avoids my eyes and pulls out onto the road. “There’s nothing wrong with having a pair of binoculars in your car.”
  • “Oh, definitely not,” I agree. “Just be careful if you’re going to start spying on my neighbors. I’d hate for any of them to think I’m a perv.”
  • She doesn’t respond, just lets out a cute little huff of air. I study her while she drives, noticing the way her already short skirt is barely covering her pussy now. The shirt she’s wearing is skintight, and she’s clearly not wearing a bra. The curve of her tits is driving me crazy, and seeing how hard her nipples are has me biting my tongue to keep my mouth off them.
  • Do I really want to put myself through this kind of torture on a daily basis? I’m not sure I can handle it, but I also know the idea of her not being near doesn’t seem like an option. I’d rather have her with me, I decide, even if I can’t touch her.
  • When she pulls into her parents’ driveway, I give her a smile. “You ready to do some convincing?”
  • Instead of smiling back, she looks scared to death. Her hands are still gripping the steering wheel, and she’s making no effort to get out of the car.
  • I lean toward her and rest my hand on her forearm, giving it a gentle squeeze. “Everything okay?”
  • The shakiness in her voice surprises me when she says, “I just really want to do this, and I know you won’t let me unless they agree to it.”
  • “Well, then we’ll just have to make sure they agree to it.”
  • The smile she gives me makes me want to pull her into my arms. I know it’s going to be pure torture to live with her and not be able to be with her how I want to be, but I’ll do anything to keep that sad look off her face, even if it guarantees me a constant, painful erection.
  • “Thanks, Ethan,” she practically squeals, and before I realize what’s happening, she’s thrown her body across the seat and flung her arms around me.
  • Without thinking, I immediately wrap my arms around her, holding her small body even tighter against me. God, she feels so perfect in my arms. She nuzzles her face against my neck, and I smile when I feel her breathe me in. Her tits feel amazing pressed up against me. I want to rip her shirt off and wrap my mouth around them, but instead, I kiss the top of her head and gently peel her off me.
  • She gives me a shy smile when she’s safely back on her side of the car. “I think it would be better if I bring it up,” I tell her before opening my door.
  • The look of pure relief that washes over her face has me smiling as I step out of the car. She quickly gets out and follows me up the sidewalk.
  • “Thank you!” she whispers before we walk inside.
  • Ben and Steph are sitting on the sofa watching a sitcom when we step through the door. They immediately shut it off, and Ben waves me into the kitchen and gets me a beer. I’ve known him since we were kids, but I’m still not sure how he’s going to take this living arrangement idea.
  • “Thanks, man,” I say, taking the cold beer from him.
  • “So what are you two up to?” he asks, opening one for himself.
  • I lean back against the counter and take a drink of the beer before answering. “She was just asking me some questions about college and the commute and stuff.”
  • “Ah, yeah, she’s been complaining about the 30-minute drive.” He shakes his head and laughs. “You’d think it was the longest drive on the planet.”
  • I laugh with him and give Nora a small smile when I see her walk in with her mom. It’s now or never, I guess.
  • “Well, I was planning on renting out my extra bedroom. I don’t ever use it, and I remember how much I appreciated the room I was able to rent when I was a grad student.”