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Chapter 15 Shades Of Blue

  • Awakened by the contact of something cold on her forehead, Ellise opened her eyes. She felt like absolute crap. Her head was pounding, her throat was sore and she was aching literally everywhere.
  • "Sh...lay down. You're burning up" Dre said, stopping her from sitting up. "How are you feeling, princess?" he said, stroking her hair. "I feel horrible. What time is it?" She asked, peering up at him through her lengthy lashes.
  • "9:30am" he replied.
  • "W-What? How did I sleep so long? I guess I'm really sick" she mumbled.
  • "The bad news is that you're really sick but the good news is, I have managed to get your fever down by a couple of degrees" he said. She huffed in annoyance.
  • "I hate being sick"
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