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Chapter 91 Won't Be Able to Escape

  • On the other hand, Anastasia was lying unconscious in the backseat of the van. At that moment, her hair was let down in a messy manner, and her intrinsic facial features gave off an unguarded look for what was coming next.
  • The two men in the van were sweating, as they weren't skilled in what Hayley wanted them to do despite collecting money from her.
  • "She won't wake up, will she? Was the drug strong enough?"
  • "I don't know either. I only took the recommended dose based on the instruction book. If it was too strong, she'd probably remain unconscious for a bit longer."
  • Once they reached the hotel, the two of them wore caps before dragging Anastasia into the hotel elevator. When they reached the presidential suite, Alice, who was in the place, opened the door for them. Although she noticed that Anastasia was dragged inside, she remained calm.
  • "Place her on the bed before you let her drink that cup of water on the table."
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