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Chapter 86 Is This Jared's Father

  • Right then, Elliot's gaze shifted to Anastasia's lips instinctively. Her lips were plump and soft, sending off signals to invite the man over.
  • Meanwhile, Anastasia, who was in the midst of reading the latest news, felt a pair of eyes staring at her before she turned around to meet Elliot's deep gaze. When she sensed what he was thinking about, she was taken aback.
  • Is he getting aroused again?!
  • "It's time. Let's go!" Anastasia kept her phone and got out of the car.
  • At the same time, the lustful look in Elliot's gaze vanished before he got out of the car and headed toward the kindergarten together with Anastasia. Just then, the two young female teachers that were ushering at the kindergarten entrance were stunned when they saw the couple heading toward them.
  • The man walking next to Anastasia was giving off an arrogant and noble aura. Although he was just wearing a white dress shirt along with black slacks, his 6'2 height made him look as if he was royalty. Is this the definition of perfect? Oh my God, is that Jared's father? What a handsome man!
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