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Chapter 81 Plotting Anastasia's Fall From Grace

  • It was around 10.00AM when Hayley was browsing through the Louis Vuitton store at the premium mall. Just as she was glancing at the bags on display, her phone rang. She answered the call brusquely, "Hey, Mom."
  • "Hayley, you don't happen to have some money to spare, do you? Your brother needs to fork out payment for school, so we were wondering if you could help tide us over for a bit."
  • "Where would I get the money, Mom? I don't even have enough to keep myself afloat at the moment, so no, I can't help you guys out," Hayley replied, swiftly turning her mother down.
  • The next moment, her mother's shrill voice filled the other line. "Just what the hell have you been up to these days? You're probably just lazing around, aren't you? I raised you only to have you become so worthless that you can't even fork out 2,000 to help us out! Consider yourself my greatest failure!"
  • Hayley was indifferent as she took her mother's harsh words in stride. When the older woman had dealt every single insult she could come up with in the short span of time, she hung up. It was only then that Hayley turned to look at the retail assistant, and in a tone that sounded as if she needed an emotional outlet, she snapped and said, "Ring up every bag on this shelf right now."
  • The assistant stared at her in bewilderment. She had heard everything Hayley said on the phone earlier, so she could hardly believe that the girl had money to pay for these bags.
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