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Chapter 76 Elliot's Distraction

  • At the same time, Hayley forced some tears out of her eyes and pretended to wipe them off with her hands until they arrived at the mansion. Then, she gazed at the man in excitement and asked, "Elliot, would you like to come inside and have a cup of tea before you go?"
  • "No, thanks. I have a meeting to attend later." Elliot turned the lady down.
  • "Well, it's not going to take you long to enjoy a cup of tea, plus I feel a little lonely being here by myself."
  • "As I've told you before, you can always invite your family to move in with you if you feel lonely," suggested Elliot.
  • "I've told them about it before, but they don't think they'd be used to living with me here." Hayley's knee-jerk reaction was to lie because she would never want to share everything she had with the family she hated. After all, they had brought nothing else but pain and suffering into her life, which was enough to justify her resentment toward them.
  • "Persuade them to keep you company then," said Elliot. He then took a look at his watch and continued, "I have to go now."
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