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Chapter 75 An Urge to Protect

  • "Yes, it does." Elliot glanced at the bangle on Hayley's wrist and nodded.
  • "Grandma treats me pretty well and seems to like me a lot." Hayley intentionally made sure Anastasia heard her words, for she wanted the latter to know that she was important to Harriet.
  • "Just make sure you keep it with you." Elliot shifted his gaze to the rear mirror and observed the lady in the backseat through the reflection. Anastasia continued to keep her eyes outside the window, and the side view of her face made her seem like a sacred goddess who was worshiped by many.
  • At last, Anastasia grew tired of staying in the car. The moment they made it to the road, she then spoke to the man in front of her. "Please pull over, President Presgrave."
  • Elliot pulled over by the roadside and looked at the lady with a frown. "What's wrong?"
  • "I want to get out of the car now." Anastasia finished her sentence and swiftly opened the door, stepping out of the vehicle without a single thought of hesitation.
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