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Chapter 74 A Test of Character

  • However, Elliot couldn't seem to forget the intimacy he had that night while the woman tearfully made futile efforts to resist him amidst the dark. Although she was only enduring his madness because he was under the influence of drugs, he could still remember the sweet moments during his intimacy with her until that day. Before he passed out, he even made a promise to himself that he would take full responsibility for what he did to her.
  • At that moment, Anastasia's face somehow kept appearing in Elliot's mind. For some reason, his intuition told him that the feeling he had with Anastasia was the one he experienced that night. Then, he took a deep breath to keep his imaginations from running wild. Anyhow, I'm going to make it up to these two ladies. While I must repay my debt to one of them, I'm bound by honor and my responsibility to make it up to the other.
  • Meanwhile, Anastasia was in the garden where she told Harriet that she had to leave for an important task later in the afternoon. In the meantime, Harriet decided not to make her stay, knowing that it wasn't easy for Anastasia to raise a kid all by herself. Thus, she quickly told the maid to send for Elliot and asked him to take her home.
  • When Hayley saw that, she immediately feigned that she also had an appointment with her friends as she wanted to leave with Anastasia. Since Harriet was just right in front of her, Anastasia had nothing to say since the old madam was allowing Hayley to do her thing.
  • Harriet merely told the maid to bring the two presents to the ladies. Soon, the table in the parlor was seen with two premium bangles, but nonetheless, Harriet didn't specify which bangle was for whom. Instead, she smiled and asked, "Come and have a look, girls. Which one do you like more?"
  • Blinded by greed, Hayley was instantly able to tell which bangle was pricier and set her gaze on the shinier one. After that, she turned her attention to Anastasia and asked, "Anastasia, I like this one, but I don't think you'd mind, right?"
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