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Chapter 72 Stay Away From Me

  • Elliot then pushed Hayley's hand off him and backed away, distancing himself from her while keeping his eyes on her face. "I know I must be responsible now that I have found you."
  • Meanwhile, Hayley looked like an injured kitten, pouting as the tears swam in her eyes. "Alright, I trust you, Elliot. You're the person whom I trust the most in this world. Therefore, all I ever want is to stay by your side throughout my life and go nowhere else. I want to be protected and feel needed by you."
  • A sympathetic Elliot patted her shoulder. "Alright, just stop crying, okay? You aren't going to look pretty with a tear-stained face."
  • Soon, she kept her head down bashfully like a flower and set her eyes somewhere on the bushes far away, feeling gleeful that Anastasia must have heard their conversation. At the same time, Elliot was able to detect movements behind him with his keen hearing as he shouted, "Who is there? Show yourself!"
  • Nonetheless, Anastasia had no intention to continue hiding, so she emerged from behind the bushes with nothing to fear. When Elliot saw her, his gaze was filled with complicated emotions because he couldn't help but wonder whether she had heard the conversation between him and Hayley.
  • "Anastasia..." Hayley exclaimed.
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