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Chapter 68 Unexpected Guest

  • Elliot cut her off by pushing the flat of his finger against Anastasia's parted lips and muttered hoarsely, "Don't be too loud or you'll wake the kid."
  • Anastasia immediately fell silent, but when she saw the wicked amusement in his eyes, she went on to push him.
  • When he got off her, she couldn't help noticing the sudden change in him from the waist down. This made her flush as she thought, Oh, for heaven's sake, must he be so obvious?
  • Elliot was frustrated as well, and there was a pained look on his handsome face as he drawled in a low and husky voice, "I'll get going, then."
  • Without another word, Anastasia clambered off the bed and went over to open the front door for him. She watched him leave and vowed never to let him past the threshold ever again. She knew now how dangerous Elliot could get; there was a beast in him that could attack at any given moment.
  • Presently, the rain had yet to stop, and it wasn't until after Elliot had gone out of sight that Anastasia realized she had not given him an umbrella. He had parked his car some distance away from the apartment, and at this rate, he would be soaked before he got to his car. She was about to sympathize with him when she figured that he needed to cool off under the rain, what with the abrupt and heated moment they had shared just minutes ago.
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