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Chapter 66 Playing House

  • The downpour didn't look like it would stop anytime soon. Looking over at the man on the couch, Anastasia offered, "I'll get you an umbrella right away."
  • However, Elliot eyed her in mild amusement as he said matter-of-factly, "I'm staying here for the night."
  • Stunned, she blinked at him for a moment and asked, "Why?"
  • "Because Jared needs me." As if to make a point, Elliot stroked Jared's head with his large palm like he was some kind of guardian deity, and the little one looked up at him with an imploring expression and begged, "Mr. Presgrave, Mommy and I are terrified of lightning and thunder, so can you please stay with us and keep us safe for the night?"
  • Anastasia immediately interjected, "Absolutely not, Jared. I'm more than capable of keeping you safe during the storm."
  • "But you're terrified of thunder too, Mommy!" Jared argued, mercilessly calling her bluff.
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