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Chapter 59 Making It Even

  • "You're hurt, Mommy!" Jared exclaimed, sounding pained at the sight of Anastasia's injury.
  • Anastasia was stunned as well. This guy went into the pharmacy just so he could get some ointment and bandages for me?
  • She watched as Elliot dabbed an antiseptic-soaked cotton bud over the gash that ran along her leg before carefully bandaging the area. He tended to the wound deftly as though having done this routinely before, and it didn't take long for him to wrap things up.
  • "Thank you," Anastasia said a little stiffly. She thought he had done far too much for her this evening.
  • Eliliot placed the carrier bag of first-aid stuff on the coffee table and said, "Change the dressing on your own for the next few days."
  • "Got it. Thank you." Given how rudely she had been with him earlier that day, she dared not look at him for too long. What was more, all his help this evening only made her feel worse.
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