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Chapter 42 You Owe Me Something

  • "The subject of today's meeting is that each person will submit a market research report and regular design works at the end of this month. Anastasia and Alice should get ready to participate in the jewelry competition at the end of the month," Felicia announced.
  • "Felicia, isn't there a rule in the company that outsiders are not allowed to come in and out of the company at will? Why do Anastasia's family members, friends and boyfriends get to come in? It's not in line with the rules!" Alice immediately spoke up.
  • Felicia was also a little awkward at this. She looked at Anastasia and mentioned, "Anastasia, tell your boyfriend not to come to the company often. By sending flowers to the company, it will affect other employees in our company."
  • Anastasia's face was slightly hot when she heard that. Does everyone regard Nigel as my boyfriend?
  • Then, she felt a deep and probing gaze on her as well.
  • "That's right! Seeing that bunch of roses makes me jealous! Anastasia, your boyfriend is so handsome. How could you dare to bring him to the company? Aren't you afraid that someone will steal him away?" another female designer joked.
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