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Chapter 29 Brawl

  • Anastasia was stunned, after which she reached out and took the contract, opening it to read. She was also shocked that her father bought a house for her, as he didn't even discuss it with her before making the purchase.
  • "Don't pretend you don't know, Anastasia. The contract is right here; you can't deny it!" Erica pointed the finger at her and shouted.
  • "I'm not! Yes, Dad bought it for me, so what? You have a problem with that?" Anastasia raised her eyebrow and asked.
  • "Your father's money belongs to the whole family, and he also has to get permission from me and Erica before buying you a house. Half of this house will belong to Erica." Naomi immediately fought for some privilege for her daughter.
  • Anastasia found it ridiculous as she looked at Naomi. "This property is under my name, so how can I give half of it to your daughter?"
  • "Then I'll ask Dad to buy a house for me too, or give me 8 million," Erica said haughtily.
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