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Chapter 27 Don't Be So Stubborn Next Time

  • Another woman chimed in with a jealous tone, commenting, "Wow, they really went all in! I bet it's his girlfriend! You know, the one who came to the company and got slapped by Anastasia?"
  • "I can't help but wonder about Anastasia's background, since she managed to get out unscathed after hitting President Presgrave's girlfriend."
  • "I guess President Presgrave was unwilling to fire her because of how pretty she is."
  • "Do you guys think that President Presgrave likes her?"
  • "It is possible. Maybe her position in the company will change once she gets into his bed."
  • "Damn! I want to have her beauty, too! President Presgrave won't even spare any glances on ordinary employees like us."
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