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Chapter 20 She Saved Me

  • "Miss Tillman, I'm here to customize jewelry for my mother's birthday next month, and I was thinking of ordering a set of jewelry for her." John wasn't in need of money, and he wanted more excitement, so he didn't mind forking money out for Anastasia.
  • Anastasia naturally wouldn't reject a business opportunity given to her, so she instructed, "Grace, please get us coffee and a fruit platter."
  • After Grace left, John's gaze quickly landed on Anastasia again.
  • "President Curtis, may I know if your mother has any particular interest in the shape or color of the jewelry? Does she prefer jade or crystal other than a diamond?"
  • "Diamonds will do. It's better if it's bigger and more expensive," John answered in a straightforward manner while Anastasia pursed her lips and smiled. "Sure. I'll come up with a draft for your design and send it over to your mother's house three days later. What do you think about that?"
  • "Since this is a present from me for my mother, it's better to keep things secretive. Why don't you come to me after you're done with the draft?" A cunning look flashed past John's eyes while Anastasia was checking a document with her head lowered. "Sure, President Curtis. I'll contact you once I'm done."
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