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Chapter 139 Auction

  • Elliot shut his files and glanced at the clock. "Let's go!"
  • Anastasia questioned her father the moment she got in his car. "What's this important thing you're talking about, Dad? Why do you need me to be there?"
  • "I'm bringing you to an auction. Our company hopes to acquire one of the projects being offered. At the same time, I also want you to observe the process so that you know how it works when you take over the company."
  • Anastasia blinked. Isn't he planning a little too far ahead into the future? "You're still young, Dad. It'll be at least another ten years before I take over anything!" She let out an exasperated laugh.
  • "I just wanted to have you prepared a little earlier so that you wouldn't be too confused when you actually take over the company. I really want you to understand this industry." Francis was a man with foresight. Furthermore, he had been feeling weaker in recent days—he had to admit that he was growing old.
  • Anastasia had no choice but to go along with her father's plans since it was what he wanted her to do. The auction was a grand event held in some company, and Francis led Anastasia over to meet up with his assistant before they entered the hall together. They all found seats toward the back of the room, and Anastasia watched as more people walked in. This seems like a really huge auction. Will Dad's company get a chance?
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