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Chapter 133 Clumsy

  • Right then, Hayley heard someone coming from behind her. She opened one of the side doors and left the scene as she no longer dared to stay there. The people who came in were a few guests who wanted to discuss business. They needed a quiet space, so they chose that balcony to talk. However, they didn't know that someone else had already taken the spot.
  • Anastasia was about to lose her mind at this point. Is this guy trying to ruin my reputation? But Elliot finally released his grip on her, but he pressed his large palm against the back of her head to stuff her face against her chest. Anastasia had no choice but to stay in his arms as she didn't want others to see her there.
  • Right when the three men entered the balcony, they noticed the people standing at the corner of the space. The three men were stunned to see a tall man standing around with a girl buried in his chest. Elliot shot the three men an icy glare before the three men could make sense of the situation. The three men immediately saw Elliot's face. Isn't that the young master of the Presgrave Family?
  • "We're sorry for disturbing you. Sorry!" The three men immediately turned and hurried off. Once Anastasia was sure that they were gone, she lifted her head angrily. However, her movements were a little too fast, and her forehead struck the man's sharp chin. She gasped in pain before she gave him a furious glare, but all she saw in his eyes was a dark pool of emptiness—it was like a well that didn't have a bottom. Furthermore, there seemed to be a layer of ice covering the deep well. "I want you to reject Nigel. Otherwise, I'll tell everyone about what happened between us," Elliot warned.
  • "Elliot, you don't think that I'm going to marry you even if I rejected Nigel, right? You can continue dreaming if that's what you think!" Anastasia stormed out of the balcony after spitting her words at him. But she had walked a little too quickly, and she tripped on her gown before falling on the ground near the plants. "Ah…" She gasped in pain as her knee was injured again.
  • The man parted his long legs and walked over to give her a helping hand. "Why are you always so clumsy?" he complained.
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