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Chapter 127 Arranged

  • "Come over here, Nigel. I'd like you to meet Mr. Johnson, his wife, and his only daughter, Leah. You guys met when you were younger." Nigel's father, Jonathan Manson, chuckled as he glanced at the other family's daughter with a fond and loving gaze.
  • "Yeah! You guys brought Nigel over during Leah's 100-day-old party. Nigel was only two years old then! We already had the idea of matching them since," Johnson's wife uttered with a sweet smile.
  • "Exactly! Their age difference is just perfect." Joy appeared in Brenda's—Nigel's mother—eyes as she looked at Leah. Brenda was wholly satisfied with this idea. Both Brenda and Jonathan had Leah as their first choice in mind. Leah's parents were powerful people in the food industry, and they had a lot of partnerships with hotel businesses. If Nigel took over the business, he'd be able to receive support from Leah's family. So, the most ideal plan was to matchmake them and unite their families, so that they could both help each other double and triple their revenue!
  • Nigel would no longer have to worry about a lack of support in his career as he would have an extremely powerful father-in-law! Leah's parents shared the same thoughts, and they figured that both families would only grow stronger once they combined their resources. Furthermore, Leah's family wouldn't have to worry about finding another inheritor for their business because they were satisfied with Nigel's capabilities.
  • "It's been a while, Nigel!" Leah gave him a friendly greeting. This wasn't the first time they had met each other. They were both club members of some overseas racing club, and Leah had fallen in love with Nigel the first time she saw him. It was love at first sight—she even followed him back to the country after he left. Most importantly, Leah was overjoyed to find out that both her and Nigel's parents were supportive of the relationship.
  • "It's been a while, Leah. Thank you for coming to my grandmother's party, Mr. and Mrs. Hart." Nigel spoke in a polite tone.
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