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Chapter 125 Smack

  • Since Elliot didn't want to leave, Anastasia decided that she would leave instead. She picked her bag up and was about to go when Elliot raised an eyebrow and reached his long arm over to grab her wrist and pull her into his arms. She lost her balance and immediately fell face-first into his chest.
  • She looked up angrily, only to feel his breath on her face. He stared fixedly at her face, and there was a hint of amusement in his gaze as she tried to push him away. "Don't mess around with me, Elliot! Let go!"
  • "What if I don't?" The man started getting playful with her. She's the one who made me feel so troubled the whole night, anyway, he thought. I didn't even have the mental capacity to care about anything other than her during the charity dinner today. She really pushed my buttons this time.
  • "You…" She continued pushing him away. He was dressed in a white silk shirt, and she could feel his firm muscles against her palm as she pushed him. Elliot wrapped both his arms around her waist and intertwined his fingers to form a firm lock behind her back. She was losing her mind at this point. What is this guy trying to do here? Anyone can push the door open at any time, and my reputation will be ruined if someone sees us like this. The news of me seducing the Presgrave Family's young master will spread like wildfire then.
  • While she continued to wrestle her way out of his grip, he quietly admired her gorgeous features. His gaze fell on her red lips—the lipstick she used that day made her look especially pretty as the color made her lips look juicy and full. He could feel his heart fluttering, and he was tempted to know the way that she tasted.
  • All of a sudden, he loosened his grip on her. She thought she would be able to escape then, but the man then held onto her waist and the back of her head. His grip was firm and controlling, and the look in his eyes turned rather dangerous.
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