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Chapter 122 Move

  • Elliot's arm tensed for a moment, but he didn't fling the woman's hand away. He was also interested to take a look at the man in front of Anastasia, who had made her laugh so heartily.
  • The moment Anastasia looked up, she saw Elliot and Hayley walking in her direction. She then realized that the table next to her had just been cleared. They're not going to sit here, are they? Hayley shot Anastasia a smug look when she walked over and pretended to greet her. "I didn't know you were here, Anastasia!"
  • Anastasia gave Hayley a cold glare before turning her head to face the window. She didn't bother being nice to Hayley as she saw no point in it. Hayley could only settle in her seat with a bitter smile on her face. Meanwhile, Elliot took his seat opposite Hayley. The position of his seat allowed him to stare directly at Anastasia's face. He took a glance at the man opposite her as he thought, I don't know who this guy is. That means that he's probably just some regular person.
  • "My company's really near to yours, Miss Tillman! It's just two streets away. I'll have to buy you lunch and coffee next time!" Samuel's gaze remained on Anastasia the whole time, and he didn't notice the icy glare that was boring into the back of his head.
  • Anastasia ran her fingers through her hair as she put on a shy smile. "Sure! We can grab coffee when we're free. Since you're such an impressive individual, I bet I can learn some investment-related things from you," she uttered.
  • "I do have some achievements in that field, so I'd gladly teach you some tricks," Samuel replied in a confident tone. He was secretly pleased when he noticed how Anastasia seemed to have a better impression of him after he talked about his career.
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