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Chapter 117 Mystery Gift

  • Anastasia arrived at the office at 2.00PM. She saw her trophy on the shelf when she walked past the hall of her department. For some reason, she still felt like the trophy didn't belong to her. Did Elliot pull some strings to get me this? He's the only one who knows the truth, and I can't do anything if he doesn't want to admit to anything.
  • A while after she arrived in the office, someone came over and asked for her. A few staff members of some high-end company that tailor-made evening gowns for their clients were there to see her. They had prepared three different dresses for Anastasia to try on. So, this is the mystery gift that Nigel was talking about earlier, huh? She didn't know what to feel about it.
  • It was true that Anastasia didn't have the right formal outfit for such dinner parties, so she decided to accept Nigel's offer. She picked a classy-looking gray gown made of silk. It didn't look too flashy nor too simple—it fit what she was looking for. "Hello. Can I know the price of this dress?" she asked one of the staff members.
  • "Oh! It was not too expensive. It costs about 10,000," the person replied. She narrowed her eyes when she heard the answer. Is it really that cheap? This silk looks really expensive!
  • After the staff members left her office, the three of them let out a long sigh as they got into the elevator. This lady's boyfriend loves her so much! He forced us to say that this dress is worth 10,000 when it's actually worth 1 million. Is he afraid that she wouldn't accept his gift otherwise?
  • Soon enough, Anastasia received a call from Nigel to check if she had taken the evening gown. "Thank you for preparing this outfit for me, Nigel. That was really thoughtful of you," she uttered.
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