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Chapter 116 You Like This

  • The more Anastasia felt like she physically desired him, the more she felt anxiety rushing up in her chest. How could I be interested in Hayley's man? Anastasia couldn't push him away, so she had no choice but to wriggle her way out of his grip. He panted slightly as he held her arms up above her head. He was rather frustrated by her resistance. "Don't you like this, Anastasia?"
  • "What should I like about it? Would you like to get kissed forcefully?" Anastasia pushed him off of her angrily. "Stop touching me. I'll call the police if you do it again."
  • Elliot narrowed his eyes. I clearly felt her body embracing my touch earlier. I'm sure she has feelings for me. However, Anastasia had a distinct, threatening look in her eyes. "Where's the guest room? I'd like to nap for a while more," she told him.
  • "You can sleep in the master bedroom," he replied.
  • "I don't want to sleep on your bed," she said in a disdainful tone. Elliot was annoyed at her seemingly endless requests. "There are guest rooms on the third floor. You can pick one for yourself."
  • After that, Anastasia took her bag and her phone up to the third floor, where she chose a guest room and locked the door before lying down on the bed. For some reason, she couldn't stop thinking about what had happened earlier. Am I secretly a masochist? Do I actually want him to do things to me? She patted herself on her head to stop herself from overthinking. She decided that she would leave the house first thing in the morning.
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