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Chapter 107 Busybody

  • Anastasia's smile stiffened for a few seconds before she let out a light cough. "Of course I know that."
  • "Anyway, you shouldn't trust any other guys apart from me." Nigel was tempted to just state Elliot's name explicitly.
  • "I got it." Anastasia nodded. Right then, Jared accidentally knocked into her bag on the couch, and a bunch of things fell out. Among the items were her keys, her lipstick, and an invitation card.
  • Nigel's sharp eyes immediately caught sight of it, and he picked it up. "Did you receive my grandmother's invitation as well? My grandmother's the one who is hosting this charity dinner."
  • "Oh! Yeah." Anastasia pressed her lips together into a smile. She didn't want to mention that her mom had once saved Elliot. Nigel was elated to hear this, and he quickly gave her a reminder. "You have to come! I'll be there too, and I can introduce you to my mom and dad."
  • "Okay!" Anastasia nodded thoughtfully. She had already told Harriet that she would be there, so she had to attend the dinner. "Oh, by the way, I'll prepare an evening gown for you," he offered.
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