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Chapter 103 Confession

  • "Just go back first. I still have work to do," Elliot continued.
  • Hayley looked at him longingly. Every time she visited him, she would come with joy and expectation, but she would always leave in disappointment. Remembering how he had gone to save Anastasia without another word, she felt Anastasia must be more important to him than anyone else.
  • Meanwhile, Anastasia returned to her office, void of all inspiration. A sense of annoyance stopped her from working, but she couldn't figure out what it was. Just then, a figure strode out of the elevator, and it was none other than the man himself—Nigel.
  • Nigel was about to go to Anastasia's office when he bumped into Alice. When Alice saw Nigel, she immediately smiled and greeted him. "Hi, Handsome. Here to see Anastasia?"
  • "Yes. Is she in her office?"
  • "Handsome, a word of advice. Anastasia's relationship with our boss is kind of suspicious. As her boyfriend, you have to be careful."
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