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Chapter 101 I Hate You

  • "What do you mean? Last night you cupped my face and kissed me, so shouldn't you have watched yourself too?" Elliot asked in a hoarse voice because Anastasia had taken quite the initiative last night.
  • Anastasia blushed as she struggled to explain. "Last night… I-I wasn't myself. I don't remember anything from last night."
  • The man snorted. "Oh, really? Shall I help you remember?"
  • "No—" Before she could finish, the man had already made the decision for her. His thin lips began to tackle her red lips forcefully. Instantly, her mind went blank. If this man wanted to kiss her, he should just say so instead of coming up with so many excuses.
  • However, for some reason, every time this man kissed her, she would panic and resist at first, but she would soon lose all sense as the man kept going. As her face and ears went a deep red, she could almost taste the happiness of a kiss.
  • No… She absolutely refused to admit that kissing him was even a tad enjoyable. Finally, save for the kiss, she had also felt a sense of danger from the man.
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