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Chapter 9

  • The Q was located in the business district of Lancaster, right in the middle of the city center. It towered up to the 77th floor, the highest building in the city and the largest hotel in the country. It used to be known as The Quotidian where most businessmen and women owned a suite there and used them as a second home so it was easier to commute around the area in their busy daily life and work.
  • It was solely owned by the Love Dynasty, along with dozens of other luxurious hotels in the world. There’s no telling what businesses were owned by the dynasty because they owned either a small portion, half, or the entire share of the businesses all over Lancaster. And by dynasty, it was under one prominent name, Richard Gabriel Love.
  • RGL logo was plastered on the helipad on the 77th floor of the building, it was also plated in gold on the sign leading up to the 76th floor. It was a long way up, she had to get clearance to use the elevator, not to mention three security check stops along the way, because the entire 76th floor was solely used for Gabriel’s office.
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