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Chapter 6 Rudoc

  • There were very few things that made Layan, one of the strongest alphas of his generation, not to mention of the present day and leader of the Council that led the packs, uncomfortable. But yes, there were little things that made him uncomfortable and one of them had a name. Priscilla.
  • The little girl wouldn't take her big, bright silver eyes off him over her father's shoulder. She looked really small in comparison to Hades, but definitely bigger than someone who was all of 7 wolfish years old. She frowned. He expected to get a clear and precise explanation.
  • “She doesn't bite” he heard Hades' voice accompanying his daughter's look” It's really funny that you're afraid of her, as long as you keep your distance I don't think there will be any problems, if you know what I mean”.
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